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January 18, 2002

Worlds of Fun Announces Wet Thrill Ride For 2002

Article written by:
Eric Gieszl, Editor

Kansas City, MO -- Worlds of Fun announced plans to open a new HUSS Top Spin named ThunderHawk for the upcoming season. The new thrill ride built by HUSS of Bremen, Germany will offer an enhanced ride experience by incorporating water elements into the ride.

"ThunderHawk must be seen – and ridden – to fully grasp the uniqueness of the ride sensation," said Phil Bender, Vice President and General Manager of Worlds of Fun. "With apologies to scientists everywhere, I know you can't break the Laws of Physics, but ThunderHawk may bend them."

ThunderHawk, will feature a 40-passenger gondola that loops continually back and forth as it spins in a vertical circle. Accelerations of up to 30km/hour provide major thrills for riders.

"Think of the ThunderHawk as a giant pendulum with a very bad attitude," Bender said. "Modern technology is in control. ThunderHawk produces incredibly high gravity-induced accelerations in a minimum amount of space, frankly, achieving some ride effects that were previously held to be impossible. Of the many experiences and sensations you will have on the ThunderHawk, exiting completely dry is not one of them."

According to HUSS this Top Spin installation will be unique since it will be the first to include a water fountain feature. The fully programmable fountain feature designed by HUSS will allow park operators to choose between several programs ranging from near misses to full-blown soakings.

According to HUSS, this new interactive version of the world famous Top Spin attraction is expected to have global appeal.

"The combination of the HUSS Top Spin and water feature has substantially energized the marketability and rider satisfaction of this classic ride," said Bob Dean, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for HUSS. "There is a substantial demand for interactive water attractions right now. We believe we have hit on the right combination to attract park customers who are always looking for the latest thrill."

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