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January 7, 2002

The Power Of Blast Debuts At Disney's California Adventure

Anaheim, CA -- "The Power of BLAST!", a super-charged energetic celebration of music and outdoor marching pageantry debuted November 22 at Disney's California Adventure. The original cast from the Tony-Award winning broadway musical, "BLAST!" will perform several shows daily in the Hyperion Theatre.

The high-energy show features a cast of more than 40 performers who are in constant motion, executing intricately choreographed drill movements while performing music on brass and percussion instruments, as well as wielding colorful flags and sharp sabers.

"The Power of BLAST!" has taken the traditional moves of drum and bugle corps and supercharged it into a musical like none other. Jim Mason, "BLAST!" producer and artistic director, calls it a coming-out party for musicians. "Musicians have finally crawled out of the orchestra pit and onto the stage," he says. "They have pushed away the music stands and thrown away the chairs and now become the actors and animators of the music, taking on the roles of the play itself."

"The Power of BLAST!" was conceived by Mason who took the idea from the athletic fields across the nation – a novel art form evolved from the showmanship of outdoor pageantry.

"Disney's California Adventure has always featured very innovative and eclectic entertainment," says Disney show producer, Tom Williams. "Not only does "The Power of BLAST!" fit in nicely with the park, but we know our guests will love the incredible energy and talent of the performers."

Last year "BLAST!" took London by storm, toured U.S. cities and premiered on Broadway in New York in April. "BLAST!" captured a Tony award for Best Special Theatrical Event and was nominated for best choreography. The show continues to tour and wow audiences across the nation.

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