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Archive of past news articles on theme and amusement parks, thrill rides and attractions.

December 2000

Dec 19, 2000
Six Flags Magic Mountain Breaks Coaster Records
The park shatters virtually every theme park record associated with roller coasters.

Dec 19, 2000
Three New Coasters To Debut At Six Flags Magic Mountain
In 2001 the park will turn into an 'Xtreme Park' with more roller coasters than anywhere on the planet.

Dec 18, 2000
Montreal Selects Six Flags To Acquire La Ronde
Six Flags has entered into a letter of intenet with the city to acquire the amusement park.

Dec 6, 2000
Six Flags Announces Acquisition of Seattle Park
The company announced that it acquired Wild Waves and Enchanted Village parks in Seattle.

Dec 4, 2000
Funtown Splashtown USA Announces Turbo Drop for 2001
The park announced plans to construct a Turbo Drop and Frog Hopper thrill rides for the coming season.

Dec 3, 2000
World's Tallest Ferris Wheel May Come To Las Vegas
A group of designers and developers are planning to build an impressive Ferris wheel on the Las Vegas strip.

Dec 1, 2000
Cedar Fair Finalizes Capital Expenditures For 2001
The company plans to spend $38 million in capital expenditures at its parks for the upcoming season.

Dec 1, 2000
Second Coaster Approved For Six Flags Great America
The park plans to construct a 185-foot roller coaster that will become the park's 12th roller coaster.

Dec 1, 2000
2-Year-Old Marine World Elephant Dies From Virus
Six Flags Marine World reported that Kala, an Asian elephant died from a sudden viral infection.

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