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Archive of past news articles on theme and amusement parks, thrill rides and attractions.

August 2000

Aug 29, 2000
18th Annual Carousel to Coaster 10k Run & 5k Walk
Paramount's Great America will host the event to benefit a non-profit scholarship organization.

Aug 21, 2000
The Ride of the New Millennium at Cedar Point
Cedar Point reveals the official ride statistics after more than 1.2 million riders enjoy Millennium Force.

Aug 21, 2000
Millennium Mania Runs Wild At Cedar Point
The world-famous amusement park announced additional dates to ride the park's major thrill rides.

Aug 18, 2000
Haunted House Ride Accident Injures Attraction Operator
An employee operating a haunted house ride was severely injured after getting caught in the track.

Aug 18, 2000
Knott's Berry Farm to Finally Open Delayed Water Ride
Perilous Plunge, the park's new water ride will open this weekend according to park officials.

Aug 17, 2000
Marine World Saddened By Loss Of Killer Whale Vigga
The popular orca succumbs to heart ailment on Monday evening according to Six Flags officials.

Aug 15, 2000
Attendance Record Shattered at Holiday World
Good weather and word-of-mouth about The Legend roller coaster helped to break the parks single day attendance record.

Aug 14, 2000
Knott's Extends Soak City U.S.A. Operating Season
Knott's officials decided to extend the operating season of Southern California's newest water park.

Aug 10, 2000
Kennywood Unveils Steel Phantom Replacement for 2001
Officials unveiled plans to build Phantom's Revenge, a hypercoaster to replace the venerable Steel Phantom.

Aug 9, 2000
Six Flags Reports Second Quarter Results
Earnings were up despite bad weather at many parks also four re-branded parks continue to outperform.

Aug 8, 2000
Busch Gardens Williamsburg to Add 6th Themed Country
Ireland is to become the theme park's sixth country in 2001, with rides, authentic food, entertainment and goods.

Aug 7, 2000
Cedar Fair L.P. Announces Increased Revenues and Earnings
The company announced a 4% increase in revenues and 1% increase in earnings for the second quarter of 2000.

Aug 6, 2000
Dorney Park's Steel Force Ranked Among The Best
Dorney's popular hypercoaster and the parks waterpark both received Golden Ticket Awards from Amusement Today.

Aug 4, 2000
Cedar Point Voted "Best Amusement Park In The World"
Amusement Today poll awards Cedar Point the number one amusement park and steel coaster awards.

Aug 3, 2000
Rare Newborns Charm Guests At Six Flags Wild Safari
The parks newborns are enchanting guests at the world's largest drive-thru animal preserve.

Aug 2, 2000
Raven Rated No. 1 Wooden Coaster in National Survey
Holiday World also was honored as the friendliest and cleanest park in Amusement Today's annual survey.

Aug 1, 2000
Nagashima Spaland Opens Record Breaking Steel Coaster
The World's tallest, fastest and longest roller coaster is now open at Nagashima Spaland.

Aug 1, 2000
Paramount's Kings Dominion Introduces Hypersonic XLC
The world's first air-launched roller coaster with be built for the 2001 season at Paramount's Kings Dominion.

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