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Archive of past news articles on theme and amusement parks, thrill rides and attractions.

September 1999

Sep 24, 1999
Silverwood Reports Record Attendance For 1999
Park officials report that this year they have broken their previous attendance record set in 1996.

Sep 24, 1999
Disney Likely to Reach Deal with China
The government of China is likely to come to a deal with the Walt Disney Company to invest in the construction of a new Disney theme park.

Sep 24, 1999
Ride Accidents Have Risen According To Commission
The Consumer Product Safety Commission claims that serious accidents on the nations amusement rides has risen over the past five years.

Sep 24, 1999
Cedar Point Begins Construction Diary
Coaster fans will be able to follow the construction of the world's tallest, fastest full-circuit roller coaster on the Internet.

Sep 14, 1999
Orlando Theme Parks Closed For Hurricane Floyd
Theme park operators closed the doors for a day and half as they prepared for possible disaster from Hurricane Floyd.

Sep 12, 1999
Two Lawsuits Filed Against Paramount's Great America
Two suits were filed against the park seeking damages over last year's deadly accident.

Sep 9, 1999
Teenager Jumps Off Shockwave Roller Coaster
A 13-year-old jumped off the moving train after he believed that his safety restraint was not locked.

Sep 8, 1999
Camp Snoopy To Be Added To Dorney Park
Cedar Fair L.P. announced their plans for Dorney park and Wildwater Kingdom for the year 2000.

Sep 8, 1999
California Ride Inspection Bill One Step Closer
A safety bill that will require annual state safety inspections received approval from the Senate.

Sep 8, 1999
World's Largest Ferris Wheel To Rise This Week
The British Airways London Eye will be pulled upright after several months of construction on the ground.

Sep 7, 1999
Proposed Federal Bill To Regulate Amusement Parks
A proposed bill will give the federal government the power to regulate the permanent US amusement parks.

Sep 6, 1999
Boy Injured After Falling from Spinning Ride
A 9-year-old boy sustained minor injuries after he slid under his restraint and flew off a ride at Six Flags Marine World.

Sep 6, 1999
Roar Closed Temporarily After Inspection
Park officials close the wooden coaster after a potential problem is found during a routine inspection.

Sep 6, 1999
Boomerang Reopens At Six Flags Marine World
Officials reopen the coaster after a nine-day closure following an incident, which stranded 28 riders.

Sep 2, 1999
Swing Ride Collapses Injuring Fourteen
A swing ride at the Canadian National Exhibition suddenly collapsed Wednesday evening with 45 passengers on board.

Sep 1, 1999
Cedar Fair To Modify All Wooden Coasters
The company will modify all of its wooden coasters to prevent a similar accident like the one on the GhostRider.

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