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Archive of past news articles on theme and amusement parks, thrill rides and attractions.

June 1999

Jun 30, 1999
Riverside Officials Announce Final Year of Racing
Park officials confirmed the final season of racing, stating plans to incorporate the area into the theme park in 2000.

Jun 24, 1999
The 15-Month Walt Disney World Millennium Celebration
A Celebration Too Big For Just One Night

Walt Disney World will welcome the millennium with a celebration that marks this momentous turn of the calendar.

Jun 24, 1999
Cedar Fair L.P. Announces Plans for Water Park at Knott's Berry Farm
Cedar Fair announces new water park at Knott's and quarterly cash dividend to share holders.

Jun 22, 1999
Paramount's Great America Unveils "Project Stealth"
World's First True Flying Coaster For 2000

Testing underway for prototype coaster which lets guests zoom face-down.

Jun 22, 1999
DisneyQuest Chooses SGI to Power Interactive Attractions
SGI announced that its workstations are a driving technology behind the attractions at Disney's indoor interactive theme park, DisneyQuest.

Jun 22, 1999
Second Rider Claims Injury on Superman Ride of Steel Coaster
A 12-year-old boy is claiming that he was injured while riding the new roller coaster at Six Flags Darien Lake.

Jun 22, 1999
Four Riders Rescued From New Jersey Roller Coaster
Four riders were trapped nearly 40-feet above the ground Saturday, on a roller coaster in Atlantic City.

Jun 16, 1999
Holiday World Announces Biggest Project Ever
Holiday World revealed plans for The Legend, a brand-new $3 million wooden roller coaster.

Jun 16, 1999
Cedar Fair Honored for Having the World's Top Three Steel Roller Coasters in 1999
Cedar Fair has been recognized for having the three best steel roller coasters in the world, according to the 1999 survey of NAPHA.

Jun 16, 1999
Killer Whale Attempts To Bite Trainer at SeaWorld
A killer whale at Sea World in San Diego tried to bite a trainer during a show last Saturday.

Jun 16, 1999
Aerosmith Recorded Disney's Rock 'N Roller Coaster Soundtrack
Sources have confirmed that Aerosmith, a popular rock-n-roll band, signed with Disney to record the soundtrack.

Jun 16, 1999
Disney Unveils Details On Rock 'N Roller Coaster
Disney officials have unveiled some details about the new Rock 'N Roller Coaster attraction, which is slated to open in late-July.

Jun 16, 1999
S&S Sports Power Discuss Plans for New Type of Roller Coaster
Stan Checketts, CEO of S&S Sports Power, Inc. discussed his company's plans to build a new high-speed air-powered roller coaster.

Jun 16, 1999
Himalaya Attraction Passed the City Inspection
The Buildings Department confirmed that inspectors had given the ride's owner , a certificate to operate the attraction.

Jun 16, 1999
Busch Gardens Tampa to Unveil Gwazi to the Media
Park officials today will unveil their newest attraction, Gwazi, to members of the media and the Florida Coaster Club.

Jun 16, 1999
Holiday World to Announce New Wooden Coaster Today
The park will announce plans to build a new 4,000-foot long wood roller coaster today.

Jun 4, 1999
Universal and SeaWorld Follow Disney with Admission Price Hikes
Sea World and Universal Studios Florida also raised the price of a one-day admission after Disney announced theirs.

Jun 4, 1999
CCI Prepares to Begin Work on Lake Compounce Coaster
Custom Coasters International is about ready to begin construction on a the new out and back wooden coaster.

Jun 4, 1999
Main Street Electrical Parade Returns to the Magic Kingdom
The popular nighttime parade has returned for an unknown period of time to the Magic Kingdom.

Jun 4, 1999
Shipwrecked Rapids Opens At Sea World California
A brand new white water rapids attraction opened to the public last weekend at SeaWorld San Diego.

Jun 4, 1999
Vampire Gets Stuck Again At Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom
The Vampire roller coaster is once again closed after the roller coaster got stuck again last Saturday.

Jun 4, 1999
California State Assembly Passes Theme Park Legislation Bill
The state assembly approved a bill, that if passed will give the state more control over amusement parks.

Jun 3, 1999
Batman Takes Flight to Gotham City at Six Flags Over Texas
Batman takes flight to Gotham City, with his most powerful and unique crime-fighting tool, Batman The Ride.

Jun 3, 1999
Premier Parks to Buy Back $375 Million in Debt
Premier Parks Inc. announced last Wednesday that it plans to buy back about $375 million in debt.

Jun 3, 1999
Cedar Fair Opens Breakers Tower Hotel Addition at Cedar Point
Cedar Fair announced the opening of the Breakers Tower last Friday, a 10-story addition to the historic Hotel Breakers at Cedar Point.

Jun 3, 1999
Court Ruling Prevents Darien Lake from Repairing Superman Coaster
A State Supreme Court granted a temporary restraining order, preventing Six Flags from making modifications to one of the trains.

Jun 3, 1999
Ogden Acquires Castle Amusement Park
Ogden Corporation announced Monday that its Entertainment group has acquired Castle Amusement Park in Riverside, California.

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