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Archive of past news articles on theme and amusement parks, thrill rides and attractions.

July 1999

Jul 30, 1999
$665,000 Raised in One Day to Help Save Arnolds Park
Save The Park has raised more than $4.4-million of the $5.5-million required to save Arnolds Park.

Jul 29, 1999
Six Flags Magic Mountain Sets The Record Straight
Superman The Escape still reigns as the tallest and fastest roller coaster in the world.

Jul 29, 1999
SeaWorld Uses Elmer's Glue to Save Penguin's Life
A quick-thinking employee took fast action using the well-known glue to save the life of the unhatched chick.

Jul 27, 1999
Jazzland Theme Park Begins To Take Shape
Construction on the new New Orleans theme park continues in preparation for the park's May 2000 opening.

Jul 22, 1999
Millennium Force's Statistics Are Staggering
The incredible statistics for the new 'Millinnium Force' roller coaster claim title to ten world records.

Jul 22, 1999
Cedar Point To Build The World's Tallest Roller Coaster
The 310-foot tall 'Millinnium Force' to debut in 2000. The new thriller to break 10 world records.

Jul 21, 1999
PNE Playland Signs 3-Year Lease Extension
Officials announced that they have signed a lease extension securing the parks present location.

Jul 21, 1999
Universal Studios Hollywood Celebrates Alfred Hitchcock Centennial
The park will celebrate the occasion with an installation of a monument on July 27.

Jul 21, 1999
Cedar Point to Announce New Project Tomorrow
A Toledo television station leaked news that the park will be making a major announcement on Thursday.

Jul 21, 1999
Iwerks and Infogrames Announce Long Term Agreement
Two high-tech leaders joint to produce spcialty films for the theme park and giant screen markets.

Jul 19, 1999
Myrtle Beach to Build New Wooden Coaster For 2000
The park's owners announced plans to build a brand new wooden coaster to open next season.

Jul 19, 1999
Coaster Train Derails Stranding Eighteen Riders
Crews had to rescue 18 riders, after the two derailed cars stop a roller coaster train 20 feet above the ground.

Jul 13, 1999
Rider Alleges Injuries on Coaster at Six Flags Elitch Gardens
A lawsuit brought on by the victim, claims that the park failed to warn customers of dangers they were aware of.

Jul 13, 1999
Thunderbolt Reopens, Mechanical Failure Ruled Out
Inspectors continue to look at other possible causes, while the park reopens the coaster for the first time.

Jul 12, 1999
Operator Error May Have Caused Thunderbolt Collision
Inspections may have rule out mechanical failure, pointing the blame to possibly operator error.

Jul 11, 1999
Coaster Train Collision Injures 30 at Kennywood
Thirty passengers were injured when the two trains on the Thunderbolt roller coaster collided.

Jul 9, 1999
Disney's FASTPASS Gives Guests An Alternative to Waiting in Line
Walt Disney World Resort is introducing the innovative system this month at Disney's Animal Kingodom.

Jul 9, 1999
Knott's Timber Mountain Log Ride Celebrates 30th Anniversary
Knott's plans to celebrate the anniversary by inviting past "loggers" to a special reunion.

Jul 6, 1999
Cedar Fair, L.P. to Build New Motel at Cedar Point
Cedar Fair announced plans to build a new limited service motel for the 2000 season.

Jul 1, 1999
Jeepers! Opens Two New Amusement Parks
A nationwide chain of indoor family amusement parks headquartered in Waltham, MA, opened two new parks yesterday.

Jul 1, 1999
Nonprofit Group Hopes It Can Save Arnold's Park
The Iowa Great Lakes Maritime Museum announced that it hopes to save the park by fund raising $5.5-million.

Jul 1, 1999
Historic Arnold's Park May Be Demolished For New Development
The oldest amusement park west of the Mississippi is suddenly in danger of becoming extinct.

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