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Archive of past news articles on theme and amusement parks, thrill rides and attractions.

August 1999

Aug 31, 1999
Two Killed In Roller Coaster Mishap Saturday
A coaster car crashed killing two and injuring two others at Gilian's Wonderland Pier Saturday.

Aug 31, 1999
GhostRider Reopens At Knott's Berry Farm
Knott's officials reopened the popular wooden coaster after making some precautionary modifications.

Aug 31, 1999
Shockwave Coaster Accident Blamed On Rider Misconduct
Park officials reopened the Shockwave roller coaster after investigators blame the accident on rider miscounduct.

Aug 31, 1999
Chain Lift Fails On Cedar Point's Corkscrew
The chain lift suddenly broke ending the ride early for two dozen riders on board.

Aug 26, 1999
Passengers Stranded On A Boomerang Roller Coaster
Twenty-eight people were stranded 50-feet above the ground, when a roller coaster came to a sudden stop at Six Flags Marine World.

Aug 26, 1999
Knott's to Make Modifications to the GhostRider
Knott's plans to make modifications to the wooden coaster track, to prevent a reoccurrence of Monday's accident.

Aug 24, 1999
Park Visitor Killed on Shockwave Roller Coaster
A visitor was killed on the stand-up roller coaster Monday evening at Paramount's Kings Dominion.

Aug 24, 1999
Decorative Wood Falls Injuring Five Riders at Knott's
A piece of wood fell onto passengers in a train below, leaving five with minor cuts and lacerations.

Aug 24, 1999
12-Year Old Falls to Death at Pararmount's Great America
A youngster fell to his death when he mysteriously slipped out of his restraint on the park's 224-foot freefall ride.

Aug 23, 1999
Employee Killed While Operating Spinning Ride
The teenage employee was killed at Lake Compounce after he fell beneath a spinning ride.

Aug 23, 1999
Cedar Fair To Add Major Thrill Rides for the 2000 Season
The company announced it's plans to add new thrill rides at Knott's Berry Farm and Valleyfair for 2000.

Aug 18, 1999
Power Tower to Open at Valleyfair for 2000
Valleyfair to build the another high-tech thrill ride, that will amount to 275 feet of extreme screams.

Aug 15, 1999
Perilous Plunge To Debut Summer 2000 At Knott's
The world's tallest, steepest and wettest water ride will plummet guests 115-feet at 75-degree angle.

Aug 13, 1999
Cedar Point Amusement Park Earns Top Honors
Cedar Fair, L.P.'s flagship park, Cedar Point, earns top honors as the 'best amusement park in the world.'

Aug 13, 1999
La Ronde Reopens after Employees Strike A Deal
The closed amusement park reopens after striking workers and park management negotiated a new contract.

Aug 13, 1999
Three Children Hurt In Hersheypark Train Accident
A miniature train carrying 15-passengers, most of them children tipped over Tuesday injuring three.

Aug 13, 1999
Investigators Continue To Look For Clues At Riverside
Investigators are continuing to look for clues that may help determine the cause of the water ride accident at Riverside Park.

Aug 13, 1999
Premier Parks Closes All Whitewater River Rides
Riverside's parent company Premier Parks has decided to shut down all raft rides following the latest accident.

Aug 13, 1999
Power Outage Temporarily Closes Six Flags Fiesta Texas
A park wide power outage forced employees to evacuate all of the park's rides and attractions.

Aug 12, 1999
Premier Parks Reports Record Second Quarter Results
Premier Parks the world's largest theme park company reported record results from operations for the second quarter.

Aug 11, 1999
Hersheypark Races Toward The Millennium
The world class theme park that is home to seven thrilling roller coasters, will be adding number eight in the year 2000.

Aug 9, 1999
Six People Injured On Water Ride at Riverside Park
Six passengers were injured after the raft they were riding in on the Blizzard River flipped.

Aug 9, 1999
La Ronde Park Closed Due To Labor Dispute
A court forbid the park from using temporary labor during the dispute forcing the park to close its doors.

Aug 2, 1999
Dreamworld Disputes Claims Made by US Theme Park
The Tower of Terror will retain the title as the fastest, tallest ride in the world, despite other claims.

Aug 2, 1999
Coaster Works Announces the Opening of Their First Coaster
The opening of the new roller coaster marks the beginning of Coaster Works entry into the thrill ride market.

Aug 2, 1999
Arnolds Park Saved By Fund Raising Efforts
After an intense 31-day campaign, volunteers successfully raised more than the needed amount to save the park.

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