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Archive of past news articles on theme & amusement parks, thrill rides and attractions.

December 1999

Celebrate New Year's At Walt Disney World Parks
New Year's Eve will be marked with gala countdown parties and theme park fun at Walt Disney World.
| Read More | 12/26/99

Geauga Lake to Expand and Become Six Flags Ohio
This major investment includes plans to build four new roller coasters and more than 20 new rides.
| Read More | 12/09/99

Three New Coasters for Six Flags New England
Riverside Park will be renamed to the Six Flags brand and will build three new roller coasters for 2000.
| Read More | 12/09/99

Cedar Fair Completes Purchase of California Water Park
The company announced that it has completed the acquisition of White Water Canyon water park in San Diego.
| Read More | 12/08/99

You're Invited To Take 'A Look at the Legend'
Holiday World is inviting all enthusiasts to a special hard hat tour of the Legend construction site.
| Read More | 12/08/99

Knoebels Offers Special Gifts for the Holidays
The park is offering an assortment of unique gifts for the holidays, including discounted ride tickets.
| Read More | 12/08/99

Premier Announces Four New Six Flags Parks
The company announced plans to rename four more theme parks to the popular Six Flags brand name in 2000.
| Read More | 12/08/99

Worlds Of Fun Announces Plans For New Roller Coaster
Cedar Fair announced that they will build a new roller coaster at Worlds Of Fun for the 2000 season.
| Read More | 12/07/99

Holiday Cheer Abounds At Knott's Merry Farm
The last holiday season of the century features memorable shopping, dining, shows and record-breaking attractions.
| Read More | 12/01/99

Walt Disney World Expands Use of FASTPASS
Disney will expand the use of the popular FASTPASS system to include seven additional attractions.
| Read More | 12/01/99

SeaWorld Orlando to Celebrate Millennium With Countdown
Shamu-llennium will celebrate the millennium with holiday activities and a countdown to New Year's Eve.
| Read More | 12/01/99

November 1999

Discovery Cove Announces Pricing, Begins Accepting Reservations
This new Orlando theme park has a pricey admission, but will offer a unique guest experience.
| Read More | 11/24/99

Dolly Parton Announces Expansion for Dollywood in 2000
The expansion includes an interactive children's area for 2000 and a major new water park which is set to open in May 2001.
| Read More | 11/23/99

Cedar Fair, L.P. Announces Unit Repurchase Plan
The board of directors authorized the repurchase of up to $25 million of Cedar Fair limited partnership units.
| Read More | 11/23/99

Metal Fracture Caused Orient Express Accident
Worlds of Fun officials released a statement outlining the cause of this year's roller coaster accident.
| Read More | 11/22/99

Premier Annnounces Consumation of Transactions With Warner Bros
The deal include a license agreement with Premier to use the Warner Bros and DC Comics characters internationally.
| Read More | 11/22/99

Morgan Manufacturing to Build Record Breaking Coaster
Morgan announced that it would build the world's longest and fastest full circuit steel coaster.
| Read More | 11/17/99

Iwerks and Stan Lee Media to Create Theme Park Attractions
The agreement marks the first integration of web entertainment brands with theme park attractions.
| Read More | 11/17/99

Premier Parks Reports Record Third Quarter
The company reports strong growth and performance, in addition to record park attendance.
| Read More | 11/17/99

Cedar Fair Reports Record Revenues for Third Quarter
The company is reporting record revenues and net income for the third quarter of 1999.
| Read More | 11/17/99

Schwarzkopf Displays New State-Of-The-Art Train
The company will unveil their new train with a new safety system at this week's IAAPA convention.
| Read More | 11/15/99

Two Teens Charged For Vandalizing Theme Park
Police report the two teenagers caused more than $100,000 in damage during their destructive rampage.
| Read More | 11/12/99

Six Flags Magic Mountain Unveils Goliath Facts
Park officials unveil the ride statistics for another world-class roller coaster slated for debut in spring 2000.
| Read More | 11/11/99

Six Flags Magic Mountain Announces Another Giant
Another Six Flags Giant in the making, as Six Flags Magic Mountain unveils Goliath, roller coaster of mega proportions.
| Read More | 11/11/99

Six Flags Marine World Creates New Supercoaster
The new 'floorless' coaster is first in the west with the world's first back-to-back super loops.
| Read More | 11/10/99

Six Flags Marine World Sets All-Time Attendance Record
Park officials announced that attendance surpassed 2 million guests for the first time ever in 1999.
| Read More | 11/10/99

Six Flags Marine World Medusa Facts
Park officials unveil the facts on Medusa the first floorless supercoaster in the West.
| Read More | 11/09/99

Knott's Begins Construction on Perilous Plunge
Construction crews start work on the world's tallest and steepest water flume ride.
| Read More | 11/08/99

Drop Zone Incident Final Investigation Findings
Paramount's Great America released the official results of the investigation into the Drop Zone incident.
| Read More | 11/05/99

Disney Plans to Restrict Smoking in Theme Parks
The company announced a plan to restrict smoking inside the theme parks to only designated areas.
| Read More | 11/04/99

Disney Announces Agreement to Build In Hong Kong
Officials announced a deal with the government to build a fifth international theme park.
| Read More | 11/03/99

Developer Unveils Plan For New California Theme Park
Studio Park Partners announced their plan to build a 1,000-acre resort and theme park near Los Angeles.
| Read More | 11/02/99

Disneyland Offers Southern California Resident Pass
The new Southern California resident pass is priced at just a dollar more than two single day passports.
| Read More | 11/02/99

Six Flags Fiesta Texas to Build New Coaster
The popular San Antonio theme park will invest $20-million for a new state of the art roller coaster.
| Read More | 11/01/99

Disney to Build New Theme Park in Hong Kong
The Walt Disney Company and the government of Hong Kong after months of negotiations have reached a deal.
| Read More | 11/01/99

Busch Gardens Tampa Announces Major Zoo Enhancement
The park announced a major enhancement to the park zoo and dedicates a 108-acre auxiliary animal facility.
| Read More | 11/01/99

12 Rides Set The Stage for Thrills at Jazzland
Construction continues on the new Jazzland Theme Park in New Orleans, which is slated to open in the Spring of 2000.
| Read More | 11/01/99

October 1999

Universal Planning Third Florida Theme Park
Universal is beginning to make future development plans which including a new theme park, hotels and new retail space.
| Read More | 10/27/99

Disney Imagineering Executive Resigns
A Walt Disney spokesperson announced that Kenneth Wong head of the Imagineering unit has resigned.
| Read More | 10/27/99

Cedar Fair Agrees To Purchase California Water Park
The company has agreed to purchase White Water Canyon, a troubled Southern California water park.
| Read More | 10/20/99

Chance Rides to Bring New Rides to Amusement Industry Expo
The company will offer the chance to try two rides and preview their newest attraction, the SlingShot.
| Read More | 10/20/99

"Thrills of a Theme Park" To Premiere in December
The new show will showcase Universal Studios Hollywood, a movie factory now turned theme park.
| Read More | 10/20/99

New Mountain Coaster at Lake Compounce Gets a Name
After months of searching park officials have finally chosen a name for the new wooden coaster.
| Read More | 10/18/99

Take A Behind-The-Scenes Tour Of Islands of Adventure
A television special will take viewers on a behind-the-scenes romp through Universal Studios newest theme park.
| Read More | 10/18/99

Vekoma to Build New Roller Coaster At Orlando Hotel
Kessler Enterprises announced that they would build a prototype coaster at the Sheraton Studio City hotel.
| Read More | 10/11/99

Three Parks Likely to Join Six Flags Brand
Premier Parks is expected to rename three of its parks and make large investments in each for 2000 season.
| Read More | 10/11/99

Theme Park Safety Bill Introduced To Congress
The new bill would empower the Consumer Product Safety Commission to regulate amusement park rides.
| Read More | 10/11/99

Aquatic Development Group to Design and Build Waterpark at Six Flags Great Adventure
The company announced that they are currently working on the new park scheduled to open for the 2000 season.
| Read More | 10/11/99

Premier Parks Announces Agreement with Warner Bros.
Premier to acquire Warner Bros. Movie World and obtain rights to use Warner Bros. characters internationally.
| Read More | 10/11/99

California Ride Inspection Bill Becomes Law
The new bill requires the state to perform annual inspections of all amusement park rides.
| Read More | 10/06/99

Dorney Park Seeks Changes to Land Zoning
Residents voiced their opposition to plans to change the building restrictions on the amusement parks property.
| Read More | 10/06/99

'QVC' to Broadcast Live From Holiday World
The world's first theme park will host a live broadcast of QVC and the Santa's Toy Shop program.
| Read More | 10/06/99

Increased Safety Precautions Keep Fair Ride Closed
Officials for the Texas State Fair are taking extra safety steps and will keep the fair's roller coaster closed this year.
| Read More | 10/05/99

Knott's Calls All Retired Hearses for Procession
The park hopes to break the record for a hearse procession and guests showing up in one October 9 get two free admissions.
| Read More | 10/05/99

Non-Profit Group Trying to Save Palace Amusements
The group is trying to block the city from demolishing the classic building so they can begin a restoration project.
| Read More | 10/05/99

Roller Coaster Cars Bump At Geauga Lake
Three riders sustain minor injuries after two cars on the two-car train bumped on the Giant Dipper coaster.
| Read More | 10/01/99

September 1999

Silverwood Reports Record Attendance For 1999
Park officials report that this year they have broken their previous attendance record set in 1996.
| Read More | 09/24/99

Disney Likely to Reach Deal with China
The government of China is likely to come to a deal with the Walt Disney Company to invest in the construction of a new Disney theme park.
| Read More | 09/24/99

Ride Accidents Have Risen According To Commission
The Consumer Product Safety Commission claims that serious accidents on the nations amusement rides has risen over the past five years.
| Read More | 09/24/99

Cedar Point Begins Construction Diary
Coaster fans will be able to follow the construction of the world's tallest, fastest full-circuit roller coaster on the Internet.
| Read More | 09/24/99

Orlando Theme Parks Closed For Hurricane Floyd
Theme park operators closed the doors for a day and half as they prepared for possible disaster from Hurricane Floyd.
| Read More | 09/14/99

Two Lawsuits Filed Against Paramount's Great America
Two suits were filed against the park seeking damages over last year's deadly accident.
| Read More | 09/12/99

Teenager Jumps Off Shockwave Roller Coaster
A 13-year-old jumped off the moving train after he believed that his safety restraint was not locked.
| Read More | 09/09/99

Camp Snoopy To Be Added To Dorney Park
Cedar Fair L.P. announced their plans for Dorney park and Wildwater Kingdom for the year 2000.
| Read More | 09/08/99

California Ride Inspection Bill One Step Closer
A safety bill that will require annual state safety inspections received approval from the Senate.
| Read More | 09/08/99

World's Largest Ferris Wheel To Rise This Week
The British Airways London Eye will be pulled upright after several months of construction on the ground.
| Read More | 09/08/99

Proposed Federal Bill To Regulate Amusement Parks
A proposed bill will give the federal government the power to regulate the permanent US amusement parks.
| Read More | 09/07/99

Boy Injured After Falling from Spinning Ride
A 9-year-old boy sustained minor injuries after he slid under his restraint and flew off a ride at Six Flags Marine World.
| Read More | 09/06/99

Roar Closed Temporarily After Inspection
Park officials close the wooden coaster after a potential problem is found during a routine inspection.
| Read More | 09/06/99

Boomerang Reopens At Six Flags Marine World
Officials reopen the coaster after a nine-day closure following an incident, which stranded 28 riders.
| Read More | 09/06/99

Swing Ride Collapses Injuring Fourteen
A swing ride at the Canadian National Exhibition suddenly collapsed Wednesday evening with 45 passengers on board.
| Read More | 09/02/99

Cedar Fair To Modify All Wooden Coasters
The company will modify all of its wooden coasters to prevent a similar accident like the one on the GhostRider.
| Read More | 09/01/99

August 1999

Two Killed In Roller Coaster Mishap Saturday
A coaster car crashed killing two and injuring two others at Gilian's Wonderland Pier Saturday.
| Read More | 08/31/99

GhostRider Reopens At Knott's Berry Farm
Knott's officials reopened the popular wooden coaster after making some precautionary modifications.
| Read More | 08/31/99

Shockwave Coaster Accident Blamed On Rider Misconduct
Park officials reopened the Shockwave roller coaster after investigators blame the accident on rider miscounduct.
| Read More | 08/31/99

Chain Lift Fails On Cedar Point's Corkscrew
The chain lift suddenly broke ending the ride early for two dozen riders on board.
| Read More | 08/31/99

Passengers Stranded On A Boomerang Roller Coaster
Twenty-eight people were stranded 50-feet above the ground, when a roller coaster came to a sudden stop at Six Flags Marine World.
| Read More | 08/26/99

Knott's to Make Modifications to the GhostRider
Knott's plans to make modifications to the wooden coaster track, to prevent a reoccurrence of Monday's accident.
| Read More | 08/26/99

Park Visitor Killed on Shockwave Roller Coaster
A visitor was killed on the stand-up roller coaster Monday evening at Paramount's Kings Dominion.
| Read More | 08/24/99

Decorative Wood Falls Injuring Five Riders at Knott's
A piece of wood fell onto passengers in a train below, leaving five with minor cuts and lacerations.
| Read More | 08/24/99

12-Year Old Falls to Death at Pararmount's Great America
A youngster fell to his death when he mysteriously slipped out of his restraint on the park's 224-foot freefall ride.
| Read More | 08/24/99

Employee Killed While Operating Spinning Ride
The teenage employee was killed at Lake Compounce after he fell beneath a spinning ride.
| Read More | 08/23/99

Cedar Fair To Add Major Thrill Rides for the 2000 Season
The company announced it's plans to add new thrill rides at Knott's Berry Farm and Valleyfair for 2000.
| Read More | 08/23/99

Power Tower to Open at Valleyfair for 2000
Valleyfair to build the another high-tech thrill ride, that will amount to 275 feet of extreme screams.
| Read More | 08/18/99

Perilous Plunge To Debut Summer 2000 At Knott's
The world's tallest, steepest and wettest water ride will plummet guests 115-feet at 75-degree angle.
| Read More | 08/15/99

Cedar Point Amusement Park Earns Top Honors
Cedar Fair, L.P.'s flagship park, Cedar Point, earns top honors as the 'best amusement park in the world.'
| Read More | 08/13/99

La Ronde Reopens after Employees Strike A Deal
The closed amusement park reopens after striking workers and park management negotiated a new contract.
| Read More | 08/13/99

Three Children Hurt In Hersheypark Train Accident
A miniature train carrying 15-passengers, most of them children tipped over Tuesday injuring three.
| Read More | 08/13/99

Investigators Continue To Look For Clues At Riverside
Investigators are continuing to look for clues that may help determine the cause of the water ride accident at Riverside Park.
| Read More | 08/13/99

Premier Parks Closes All Whitewater River Rides
Riverside's parent company Premier Parks has decided to shut down all raft rides following the latest accident.
| Read More | 08/13/99

Power Outage Temporarily Closes Six Flags Fiesta Texas
A park wide power outage forced employees to evacuate all of the park's rides and attractions.
| Read More | 08/13/99

Premier Parks Reports Record Second Quarter Results
Premier Parks the world's largest theme park company reported record results from operations for the second quarter.
| Read More | 08/12/99

Hersheypark Races Toward The Millennium
The world class theme park that is home to seven thrilling roller coasters, will be adding number eight in the year 2000.
| Read More | 08/11/99

Six People Injured On Water Ride at Riverside Park
Six passengers were injured after the raft they were riding in on the Blizzard River flipped.
| Read More | 08/09/99

La Ronde Park Closed Due To Labor Dispute
A court forbid the park from using temporary labor during the dispute forcing the park to close its doors.
| Read More | 08/09/99

Dreamworld Disputes Claims Made by US Theme Park
The Tower of Terror will retain the title as the fastest, tallest ride in the world, despite other claims.
| Read More | 08/02/99

Coaster Works Announces the Opening of Their First Coaster
The opening of the new roller coaster marks the beginning of Coaster Works entry into the thrill ride market.
| Read More | 08/02/99

Arnolds Park Saved By Fund Raising Efforts
After an intense 31-day campaign, volunteers successfully raised more than the needed amount to save the park.
| Read More | 08/02/99

July 1999

$665,000 Raised in One Day to Help Save Arnolds Park
Save The Park has raised more than $4.4-million of the $5.5-million required to save Arnolds Park.
| Read More | 07/30/99

Six Flags Magic Mountain Sets The Record Straight
Superman The Escape still reigns as the tallest and fastest roller coaster in the world.
| Read More | 07/29/99

SeaWorld Uses Elmer's Glue to Save Penguin's Life
A quick-thinking employee took fast action using the well-known glue to save the life of the unhatched chick.
| Read More | 07/29/99

Jazzland Theme Park Begins To Take Shape
Construction on the new New Orleans theme park continues in preparation for the park's May 2000 opening.
| Read More | 07/27/99

Millennium Force's Statistics Are Staggering
The incredible statistics for the new 'Millinnium Force' roller coaster claim title to ten world records.
| Read More | 07/22/99

Cedar Point To Build The World's Tallest Roller Coaster
The 310-foot tall 'Millinnium Force' to debut in 2000. The new thriller to break 10 world records.
| Read More | 07/22/99

PNE Playland Signs 3-Year Lease Extension
Officials announced that they have signed a lease extension securing the parks present location.
| Read More | 07/21/99

Universal Studios Hollywood Celebrates Alfred Hitchcock Centennial
The park will celebrate the occasion with an installation of a monument on July 27.
| Read More | 07/21/99

Cedar Point to Announce New Project Tomorrow
A Toledo television station leaked news that the park will be making a major announcement on Thursday.
| Read More | 07/21/99

Iwerks and Infogrames Announce Long Term Agreement
Two high-tech leaders joint to produce spcialty films for the theme park and giant screen markets.
| Read More | 07/21/99

Myrtle Beach to Build New Wooden Coaster For 2000
The park's owners announced plans to build a brand new wooden coaster to open next season.
| Read More | 07/19/99

Coaster Train Derails Stranding Eighteen Riders
Crews had to rescue 18 riders, after the two derailed cars stop a roller coaster train 20 feet above the ground.
| Read More | 07/19/99

Rider Alleges Injuries on Coaster at Six Flags Elitch Gardens
A lawsuit brought on by the victim, claims that the park failed to warn customers of dangers they were aware of.
| Read More | 07/13/99

Thunderbolt Reopens, Mechanical Failure Ruled Out
Inspectors continue to look at other possible causes, while the park reopens the coaster for the first time.
| Read More | 07/13/99

Operator Error May Have Caused Thunderbolt Collision
Inspections may have rule out mechanical failure, pointing the blame to possibly operator error.
| Read More | 07/12/99

Coaster Train Collision Injures 30 at Kennywood
Thirty passengers were injured when the two trains on the Thunderbolt roller coaster collided.
| Read More | 07/11/99

Disney's FASTPASS Gives Guests An Alternative to Waiting in Line
Walt Disney World Resort is introducing the innovative system this month at Disney's Animal Kingodom.
| Read More | 07/09/99

Knott's Timber Mountain Log Ride Celebrates 30th Anniversary
Knott's plans to celebrate the anniversary by inviting past "loggers" to a special reunion.
| Read More | 07/09/99

Cedar Fair, L.P. to Build New Motel at Cedar Point
Cedar Fair announced plans to build a new limited service motel for the 2000 season.
| Read More | 07/06/99

Jeepers! Opens Two New Amusement Parks
A nationwide chain of indoor family amusement parks headquartered in Waltham, MA, opened two new parks yesterday.
| Read More | 07/01/99

Nonprofit Group Hopes It Can Save Arnold's Park
The Iowa Great Lakes Maritime Museum announced that it hopes to save the park by fund raising $5.5-million.
| Read More | 07/01/99

Historic Arnold's Park May Be Demolished For New Development
The oldest amusement park west of the Mississippi is suddenly in danger of becoming extinct.
| Read More | 07/01/99

June 1999

Riverside Officials Announce Final Year of Racing
Park officials confirmed the final season of racing, stating plans to incorporate the area into the theme park in 2000.
| Read More | 06/30/99

The 15-Month Walt Disney World Millennium Celebration
A Celebration Too Big For Just One Night

Walt Disney World will welcome the millennium with a celebration that marks this momentous turn of the calendar.
| Read More | 06/24/99

Cedar Fair L.P. Announces Plans for Water Park at Knott's Berry Farm
Cedar Fair announces new water park at Knott's and quarterly cash dividend to share holders.
| Read More | 06/24/99

Paramount's Great America Unveils "Project Stealth"
World's First True Flying Coaster For 2000

Testing underway for prototype coaster which lets guests zoom face-down.
| Read More | 06/22/99

DisneyQuest Chooses SGI to Power Interactive Attractions
SGI announced that its workstations are a driving technology behind the attractions at Disney's indoor interactive theme park, DisneyQuest.
| Read More | 06/22/99

Second Rider Claims Injury on Superman Ride of Steel Coaster
A 12-year-old boy is claiming that he was injured while riding the new roller coaster at Six Flags Darien Lake.
| Read More | 06/22/99

Four Riders Rescued From New Jersey Roller Coaster
Four riders were trapped nearly 40-feet above the ground Saturday, on a roller coaster in Atlantic City.
| Read More | 06/22/99

Holiday World Announces Biggest Project Ever
Holiday World revealed plans for The Legend, a brand-new $3 million wooden roller coaster.
| Read More | 06/16/99

Cedar Fair Honored for Having the World's Top Three Steel Roller Coasters in 1999
Cedar Fair has been recognized for having the three best steel roller coasters in the world, according to the 1999 survey of NAPHA.
| Read More | 06/16/99

Killer Whale Attempts To Bite Trainer at SeaWorld
A killer whale at Sea World in San Diego tried to bite a trainer during a show last Saturday.
| Read More | 06/16/99

Aerosmith Recorded Disney's Rock 'N Roller Coaster Soundtrack
Sources have confirmed that Aerosmith, a popular rock-n-roll band, signed with Disney to record the soundtrack.
| Read More | 06/16/99

Disney Unveils Details On Rock 'N Roller Coaster
Disney officials have unveiled some details about the new Rock 'N Roller Coaster attraction, which is slated to open in late-July.
| Read More | 06/16/99

S&S Sports Power Discuss Plans for New Type of Roller Coaster
Stan Checketts, CEO of S&S Sports Power, Inc. discussed his company's plans to build a new high-speed air-powered roller coaster.
| Read More | 06/16/99

Himalaya Attraction Passed the City Inspection
The Buildings Department confirmed that inspectors had given the ride's owner , a certificate to operate the attraction.
| Read More | 06/16/99

Busch Gardens Tampa to Unveil Gwazi to the Media
Park officials today will unveil their newest attraction, Gwazi, to members of the media and the Florida Coaster Club.
| Read More | 06/16/99

Holiday World to Announce New Wooden Coaster Today
The park will announce plans to build a new 4,000-foot long wood roller coaster today.
| Read More | 06/16/99

Universal and SeaWorld Follow Disney with Admission Price Hikes
Sea World and Universal Studios Florida also raised the price of a one-day admission after Disney announced theirs.
| Read More | 06/04/99

CCI Prepares to Begin Work on Lake Compounce Coaster
Custom Coasters International is about ready to begin construction on a the new out and back wooden coaster.
| Read More | 06/04/99

Main Street Electrical Parade Returns to the Magic Kingdom
The popular nighttime parade has returned for an unknown period of time to the Magic Kingdom.
| Read More | 06/04/99

Shipwrecked Rapids Opens At Sea World California
A brand new white water rapids attraction opened to the public last weekend at SeaWorld San Diego.
| Read More | 06/04/99

Vampire Gets Stuck Again At Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom
The Vampire roller coaster is once again closed after the roller coaster got stuck again last Saturday.
| Read More | 06/04/99

California State Assembly Passes Theme Park Legislation Bill
The state assembly approved a bill, that if passed will give the state more control over amusement parks.
| Read More | 06/04/99

Batman Takes Flight to Gotham City at Six Flags Over Texas
Batman takes flight to Gotham City, with his most powerful and unique crime-fighting tool, Batman The Ride.
| Read More | 06/03/99

Premier Parks to Buy Back $375 Million in Debt
Premier Parks Inc. announced last Wednesday that it plans to buy back about $375 million in debt.
| Read More | 06/03/99

Cedar Fair Opens Breakers Tower Hotel Addition at Cedar Point
Cedar Fair announced the opening of the Breakers Tower last Friday, a 10-story addition to the historic Hotel Breakers at Cedar Point.
| Read More | 06/03/99

Court Ruling Prevents Darien Lake from Repairing Superman Coaster
A State Supreme Court granted a temporary restraining order, preventing Six Flags from making modifications to one of the trains.
| Read More | 06/03/99

Ogden Acquires Castle Amusement Park
Ogden Corporation announced Monday that its Entertainment group has acquired Castle Amusement Park in Riverside, California.
| Read More | 06/03/99

May 1999

Silver Dollar City Delays Opening Of BuzzSaw Falls
Park officials have delayed the opening of BuzzSaw Falls, which is said to be the world's first liquid roller coaster.
| Read More | 05/26/99

Disneyland to Add Rainforest Cafe to New Downtown Disney Complex
A new 600-seat Rainforest Cafe is slated to open in the new shopping and dining complex at Disneyland.
| Read More | 05/20/99

Ferris Installs Virtual Reality Systems at Six Flags Fiesta Texas
Ferris Productions, Inc., announced today that it has installed multiple virtual reality and PC arcade systems at Six Flags Fiesta Texas.
| Read More | 05/20/99

Premier Parks Announces Completion of Houston Acquisition
Premier Parks announced that it has completed its previously announced acquisition of Splashtown Water Park.
| Read More | 05/20/99

Six Flags Darien Lake To Reopen Roller Coaster
State investigators gave park officials permission to re-open Superman The Ride of Steel, following last Sunday's accident.
| Read More | 05/20/99

Passenger Falls From New Roller Coaster at Six Flags Darien Lake
A passenger riding the newly opened Superman Ride of Steel roller coaster at Six Flags Darien Lake fell out of the train.
| Read More | 05/18/99

Cedar Fair Credits Knott's for Improved 1st Quarter Results
Cedar Fair LP, owners of Knott's Berry Farm and Cedar Point report the company's first-quarter results.
| Read More | 05/13/99

Islands of Adventure Announces Grand Opening Date
Park officials announced the official grand opening date for the new Universal Islands of Adventure theme park in Orlando.
| Read More | 05/13/99

New Coaster to Open Friday at Six Flags Marine World
From the 'Roaring 20s to the new millennium, take a ride on a classic wooden roller coaster with a modern day twist.
| Read More | 05/13/99

Kings Island to Build Worlds Tallest, Fastest, Looping Wooden Coaster
Park officials at Paramount's Kings Island proudly unveiled their plans to build a new record breaking wooden coaster for 2000
| Read More | 05/11/99

Paramount's Kings Island to Unveil Coaster Plans Today
Park officials today will unveil their long awaited year 2000 plans for a new wooden coaster.
| Read More | 05/11/99

Cedar Point Begins '99 Season With $25 Million in Improvements
Cedar Point kicked off the 1999 season with over $25 million invested in new improvements at the amusement park.
| Read More | 05/10/99

Knott's General Manager Apologizes for Cinco de Mayo Promotion
Knott's general manager released the following letter to the community and media regarding the Cinco De Mayo promotion.
| Read More | 05/10/99

Knott's May Build A Shoot The Chutes Attraction
Knott's may build the tallest water ride in the U.S. for the 2000 season.
| Read More | 05/10/99

Paramount's Kings Island To Announce Long Awaited Y2K Project
Park officials announced that they will be holding a media event to announce their much anticipated 2000 project.
| Read More | 05/06/99

Sea World Orlando To Build New Roller Coaster For 2000
A terrifying monster of the deep in the form of a roller coaster will soon be let loose on Central Florida.
| Read More | 05/06/99

Premier Parks Announces Three Park Acquisitions
Premier Parks announced that it has acquired Reino Aventura theme park in Mexico and has entered an agreement to purchase Splashtown Water Park.
| Read More | 05/06/99

Cinco De Mayo Promotion Gets Out Of Control
Police officers were called this morning to deal with a crowd of out of control teenagers at Knott's Berry Farm this morning.
| Read More | 05/05/99

Dorney Park Is Ready To Open the Dominator
Dorney Park is ready to unveil their newest high thrills attraction, the Dominator this weekend.
| Read More | 05/05/99

Premier Parks In Agreement to Purchase Atlanta Water Park
Premier Parks Inc. announced that it will purchase the White Water Water Park and American Adventures Entertainment Park in Atlanta.
| Read More | 05/05/99

Track Work Completed On New State-Of-The-Art Coaster
The final piece of track was installed last week on a new roller coaster at Paramount's Great America.
| Read More | 05/04/99

KIIS-FM to Offer Five Cents Admission to Knott's
Radio station personality Rick Dees announced that they will be broadcasting live from the park on Cinco De Mayo.
| Read More | 05/04/99

Book "Roller Coasters, Flumes and Flying Saucers" Now Available
The new book provides a behind-the-scenes look into the development of some of the world's most famous attractions.
| Read More | 05/04/99

Islands Of Adventure Technical Rehearsal May Continue
Sources are reporting that the technical rehearsal currently in progress may continue until July.
| Read More | 05/04/99

Teen Seriously Stabbed At Six Flags Magic Mountain
A teenager was stabbed Sunday evening during a line dispute at one of the roller coasters.
| Read More | 05/04/99

Marine World's Roar Begins Initial Testing
New classic looking rolling stock was placed on track last week as the roller coaster begins the intial testing.
| Read More | 05/03/99

Riverside Cyclone Train Valleys Sunday Afternoon
A train on the Cyclone roller coaster valleyed Sunday afternoon at the New Riverside Park.
| Read More | 05/03/99

Six Flags America Delays Opening Day For One Week
Park officials decide last Friday at the last minute to delay the opening for one week.
| Read More | 05/03/99

Builder Plans Major Addition To Six Flags Magic Mountain
The original developer of Magic Mountain, Newhall Land & Farming Co. is working on plans for a 400-acre addition.
| Read More | 05/03/99

April 1999

Coaster Riding Contest to Celebrate The Giant Dipper's 75th
Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk seeking twenty coaster loving contestants to ride the legendary Giant Dipper roller coaster 75 times.
| Read More | 04/27/99

Universal Studios Hollywood Offers Sneak Peak Of New Attraction
Purchase your tickets online, present a season pass or an AMC MovieWatcher card and you will get a free Sneak Peek pass for Terminator 2:3-D.
| Read More | 04/27/99

Arrow Dynamics to Team Up To Build High Tech Coaster
Arrow Dynamics of Provo, Utah is teaming up with three partners to research and test magnetic levitation or maglev.
| Read More | 04/27/99

Riverside Park To Install Huss Frisbee
Riverside Park announced that it would be receiving the third US installation of a Huss Frisbee thrill ride.
| Read More | 04/26/99

Lake Compounce Accepting Name Suggestions for New Coaster
Lake Compounce announced that it is now accepting name suggestions for their new wooden coaster that will be built for the 2000 season.
| Read More | 04/26/99

Riverside Park Offers Special Event for Coaster Enthusiasts
Riverside Park will offer a special behind-the-scenes day for 50 lucky coaster enthusiasts on Sunday, June 6.
| Read More | 04/26/99

Knott's To Spend $11 Million Renovating Hotel
Knott's Berry Farm is planning to spend $11 million to renovate the Buena Park Hotel and convention center.
| Read More | 04/26/99

New Roller Coaster Opens at Six Flags Over Georgia
Last weekend Six Flags Over Georgia unveiled their latest state-of-the-art thrill ride, The Georgia Scorcher.
| Read More | 04/22/99

Six Flags Over Texas Officials Reveal Possible Causes Of Deadly Accident
After a three-week investigation park officials announced Tuesday that they now believe they know what caused the accident on the Roaring Rapids water ride.
| Read More | 04/22/99

Future Hersheypark Ride Discussed Before Planning Commission
Hersheypark presented plans to build a new ride for the year 2000 to the Derry Township Planning Commission.
| Read More | 04/13/99

Michigan's Adventure Plans One More Roller Coaster
The owner of Michigan's Adventure has confirmed that the park is planning to build a new steel roller coaster in the near future.
| Read More | 04/13/99

Wrongful Death Suit Filed Against Six Flags and Intamin AG
A lawsuit was filed against Six Flags and Intamin AG over the death of the woman killed on the Roaring Rapids attraction last month.
| Read More | 04/13/99

World's First Liquid Coaster To Open At Silver Dollar City
The first liquid coaster, an adventure ride promises to be the fastest, biggest, most exciting ride ever built at Silver Dollar City.
| Read More | 04/12/99

Roller Coaster Marathon Ends With Two Winners after 40 Days
After 40 days of riding 14 hours a day the final two contestants in the roller coaster riding marathon got off the coaster at the same time.
| Read More | 04/12/99

Thunder Road Reopens After Accident with New Sensors
Thunder Road roller coaster that had been closed for an investigation into what caused an accident that injured seven people reopens.
| Read More | 04/12/99

Vampire Stops Once Again After Reopening
Not more than an hour after reopening after last Wednesday's incident the Vampire roller coaster once again gets stuck.
| Read More | 04/12/99

Vampire Roller Coaster Gets Stuck Stranding Riders
Train on the Vampire roller coaster at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom stops leaving 27 riders stranded.
| Read More | 04/09/99

Seven Injured on Roller Coaster at Paramount's Carowinds
Seven passengers were injured Monday evening after the train they were riding in collided with another.
| Read More | 04/06/99

Unconfirmed Year 2000 Plans Appear Promising for Six Flags
The year 2000 may be the best year ever for existing and future Six Flags Theme Parks across the country.
| Read More | 04/05/99

Cinema Ride Obtains Patent On 3-D Video Projected Simulator Rides
Cinema Ride Inc. announced that it has been granted a US Patent for 3-D video projected motion simulator rides.
| Read More | 04/02/99

Iwerks Announces Four TurboRide 3D! Theater Upgrades
Iwerks to upgrade four of its most popular ride simulation attractions at Six Flags and Paramount Parks venues.
| Read More | 04/02/99

Fun Fair Park Moving To New Location
When Fun Fair Park reopens for the 1999 season it will not only have a new name, but a new location as well.
| Read More | 04/02/99

First Phase Of Expansion Nears Completion At Wild Adventures
Wild Adventures theme park in Valdosta, Georgia is nearing completion of the first phase of a five-year $50 million expansion.
| Read More | 04/02/99

Ogden Announces Acquisition of Raging Waters San Dimas
Ogden announced its Entertainment group has signed an agreement to acquire Raging Waters a privately owned water park.
| Read More | 04/02/99

Medusa Roller Coaster Opening Delayed At Last Minute
Support defect delays opening of highly anticipated new roller coaster at Six Flags Great Adventure.
| Read More | 04/01/99

Dover Lake Waterpark Plans To Build Thrill Rides
Amusement park rides are currently being considered for the Dover Lake Waterpark located in Sagamore Hills, Ohio.
| Read More | 04/01/99

Disneyland To Test Virtual Queue Today
Disneyland will be testing the new virtual queue system on the Space Mountain attraction today.
| Read More | 04/01/99

Fabio Hit By Flying Bird on Apollo's Chariot
Supermodel Fabio suffered a one-inch cut on his nose after a bird hit him while riding the new Apollo's Chariot roller coaster.
| Read More | 04/01/99

March 1999

Lake Compounce Unveils New Mountain Coaster
Custom Coasters, the premiere coaster builder in the world, plans to construct a new wooden roller coaster for the year 2000.
| Read More | 03/25/99

Superman The Escape Returns To Full Operation
Both sides of Superman the Escape will be operating for the upcoming Spring Break period.
| Read More | 03/24/99

Six Flags Great America to Add Metal Detectors
Park officials confirmed that the park will be installing metal detectors for the 1999 season.
| Read More | 03/24/99

Hasbro Interactive's RollerCoaster Tycoon Now Available
Just in time for the spring season a new amusement park you open and design yourself.
| Read More | 03/24/99

Accident Investigation Continues At Six Flags Over Texas
Investigation into what caused the deadly accident on the Roaring Rapids attraction continues.
| Read More | 03/24/99

Six Flags Over Texas Suffers First Park Fatality
One killed and ten others were hospitalized after a boat they were riding in capsized.
| Read More | 03/23/99

Premier Parks To Reopen Magic Springs Amusement Park
Local newspapers in Arkansas have reported that Magic Springs Amusement Park will re-open for the year 2000 operating season.
| Read More | 03/23/99

Ogden Announces Acquisition Of Second Water Park
Ogden Entertainment group is acquiring Emerald Pointe water park in Greensboro, North Carolina.
| Read More | 03/23/99

Ogden Corporation To Acquire Raging Waters Park
Ogden announced that it is going to acquire the Raging Waters water park in San Jose, California from Paramount Parks.
| Read More | 03/23/99

Local Businessmen Take Over Operations Of Conneaut Lake Park
The new local management team hopes to bring some exciting new changes to the local amusement park.
| Read More | 03/23/99

Universal To Offer Soft Opening For Islands Of Adventure
Universal will begin a preview period of their new $1 billion theme park, Islands of Adventure on March 27.
| Read More | 03/23/99

Riverside Park Announces New Attractions For 1999
Since 1996 Riverside Park has been transformed into New England's New SuperPark.
| Read More | 03/23/99

SeaWorld's New 'Steel Eel' Delights Coaster Connoisseurs
The Steel Eel has tremendous app-eel so say roller coaster connoisseurs who've ridden the hypercoaster.
| Read More | 03/23/99

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