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News October 1998


October 29, 1998

Premier To Add Six Flags Brand To Four More Parks

Premier Parks announced yesterday that the company will change the name at four more of the companies exisiting parks. The name change to the Six Flags brand will take place before the opening of the 1999 season at each of the parks.

The parks receiving the name changes were Adventure World in Largo, Maryland will now be called Six Flags America. The New Marine World Theme Park in Vallejo, California will be changed to Six Flags Marine World. Elitch Gardens in Denver, Colorado will be now named Six Flags Elitch Gardens and Darien Lake in Rochester, New York will be changed to Six Flags Darien Lake.

Earlier this year Premier announced the name change of Kentucky Kingdom in Louisville, Kentucky to Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom. The latest brand changes along with Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom expands the Six Flags chain to seventeen.

The company also announced that it will invest around $80 million to add new rides, attractions and improvements at the five parks. Among the improvements are two new roller coasters for Six Flags America, a new hypercoaster for Six Flags Darien Lake and a new wooden coaster for Six Flags Marine World.

Premier Parks Inc., purchased the Six Flags chain of amusement parks from Time Warner and an investment group earlier this year. Upon the announcement officials from Premier Parks stated that they would extend the Six Flags brand name to some of it's exisiting parks. As a part of the purchase of Six Flags, Premier obtained the rights to use the Warner Bros. and DC comics characters in all of it's parks.

Interesting Facts About Six Flags Parks

Along with yesterdays announcement Premier Parks Inc. placed an impressive advertisement on the back page of the USA Today. Here are some facts quoted from the advertisement.

In 1999, 150 million Americans will have a Six Flags Park within 100 miles of their home.

Announcing Five New Six Flags Theme Parks For 1999!
These world class parks will be bigger, better and more thrilling than ever, with $80 million in new additions.

The Biggest Year In Six Flags History!
The new Six Flags parks will welcome new flagship coasters, Looney Tunes and DC Comics characters, explosive Batman thrill shows, all-new Looney Tunes kid's parks and exciting new retail shops! Our existing parks will add new supercoasters, water parks, elaborate new themed areas and shows.

Graphs outlined data comparing Six Flags to other theme park operators. According to one graph Six Flags parks now have 115 roller coasters compared to 37 at Paramount Parks, 33 at Cedar Fair, 14 at Busch Theme Parks, 14 at Disney Parks and 4 at Universal Parks.

The advertisement was quite a surprise to many. Premier Parks Inc. stated when they purchased the Six Flags chain earlier this year that they had big plans in store for the Six Flags brand. It now appears that they are indeed going to carry out those plans.

New Rides Announced For The New Six Flags Parks

Yesterday Premier Parks Inc. took advantage of the name change annoucement to also announce plans to build several new rides at the newly named Six Flags theme parks. Next year is going to be a banner year for Six Flags in terms of new attractions, especially rollercoasters.

Joining the ranks of already announced new coasters Premier Parks Inc. announced that Six Flags America will be building two new coasters. The first will be called the Joker's Jinx is designed and manufactured by Premier Rides. The new LIM catapult launch coaster that will feature an impressive launch at speeds up to 60 mph. The second coaster to be constructed will be an Invertigo coaster manufactured by Vekoma.

Also announced were Superman The Ride of Steel, a new hypercoaster that will open at Six Flags Darien Lake. The final new coaster announced was Roar at Six Flags Marine World. Roar is being built by GCI and will be clone of this year's Roar which is located at Six Flags America.

Premier To Spend $27 Million On Improvements At Adventure World

Largo, MD - Along with a name change to the Six Flags brand, park officials announced that they will spend an additional $27 million on improvements at Adventure World. The park which attracts around a million visitors a year, will be busy constructing two new major roller coasters, a new six acre themed section and an exciting new show as a part of the improvements.

A part of the investment will be used to expand the park, creating a new six acre section called Gotham City. Gotham City will be themed after the popular D.C.Comics and Warner Bros. Batman movies. A new show and several new rides including two new roller coasters will be built into this new area of the park.

The first roller coaster named the Joker's Jinx, will be a 2,705 foot long LIM launched, multielement coaster designed by Premier Rides. The new coaster will feature a combination of more than 55 vertical and horizontal curves and four inversions. The launch will accelerate the trains to a impressive speed of 60 mph.

The second roller coaster to be constructed will be an Invertigo coaster built by Vekoma International. The Invertigo will send riders upside down six times in just over a minute while suspended from the track above. This will be the third Invertigo built in the US and the second one announced for 1999.

This past year Adventure World opened Roar, a wooden coaster built by GCI. The addition of the two new coasters for next season will bring Adventure World's total to seven coasters.

In addition to the two new roller coasters in Gotham City, officials announced plans to produce a new Batman Stunt Show. The new show will feature all of the popular D.C. Comics characters, along with some thrilling special effects.

Superman The Highlight Of Improvements At Darien Lake

Rochester, NY - Officials at Darien Lake yesterday announced in addition to the name change to Six Flags the park would invest over $20 million in improvements including a new roller coaster, stunt show and childrens area for the 1999 season.

The new coaster Superman The Ride Of Steel, will be one of the tallest steel roller coasters in North America. This exciting new hypercoaster will feature a first drop of 208 feet and a top speed of 70 mph. Plans call for the coaster to travel over two bodies of water. Construction on Superman has already begun and it is still unknown who the designer the coaster.

Also next year the park will also introduce the Bugs Bunny and the Looney Tunes characters in the new childrens section called Camp Looney Toons. The new section will be entirely themed to the popular cartoon characters.

In addition to the childrens section and the hypercoaster park goers will enjoy the parks new entertainment, The Batman Thrill Show. The new show will feature Batman and his counterparts in an exciting show filled with high-tech special effects .

All of the improvements and the name change to Six Flags Darien Lake are expected to be completed in time for the opening of the 1999 season.

Visionland To Built A Major Water Attraction

Bessemer, AL - A source has informed us that Visionland will be building a new white water rapids ride for the 1999 season. Rumors say the ride may be built by D.H. Morgan, but at this time this is unconfirmed.

October 28, 1998

Six Flags Magic Mountain Tests New Trains On Superman

Valencia, CA - A source has informed us that officials from Six Flags Magic Mountain and Intamin were recently testing a new train on Superman The Escape. According to the source the train is more aerodynamically designed with both ends looking identical.

It is unclear whether the park plans to replace the current trains with the newer ones. Supposedly the newer trains are able to achieve a higher speed in both directions because of the newer design.

We have also learned that the park along with Intamin has been doing some evaluations on the condition of the Superman's track and trains after a year and half of use. According to our source the park found far less "wear and tear" than they expected, which we would assume is good news.

Valleyfair To Build A Mad Mouse For 1999

Shakopee, Minn. - Valleyfair Amusement park announced their plans for the 1999 season last Friday. The multi-million dollar plan includes a rollercoaster and employee housing.

The new rollercoaster will be the highlight of the plans for park goers. Valleyfair announced that the new coaster, the Mad Mouse will be built be Arrow Dynamics and will be constructed in the same location of the parks current coaster, Rails.

The Mad Mouse will be 50 feet high and feature ten individual four passenger cars. The track will be 1,257 feet long and the coaster will have a top speed of 30 mph.

Valleyfair's plans also call for the construction of a second dormitory to house an additional 150 seasonal employees.

The 1999 season is scheduled to begin on Saturday, May 8 with several preview weekends. The official park opening for the season is scheduled for May 29-31, Memorial Day weekend.

Busch Gardens May Sell Drachen Fire

Williamsburg, VI - Closed since early July and the attention of many removal rumors, it now appears that Drachen Fire may actually be on the sale block. Several sources have recently informed us that the park now claims that the ride will not be reopening next year as was previously believed to be the case.

According to an source we have been told that Drachen Fire is in fact up for sale which means the fate of this next generation Arrow looper is up in the air. The park has declined to give exact reasons behind their decision to remove the ride. Earlier this year we learned that the park may still be involved in a legal battle over injuries rides may have sustained while riding this ride. It is believed that the park closed Drachen Fire as a result of the legal scuffle.

Announcement Expected Soon From Knoebels

Elysburg, Penn. - As was previously announced earlier this month at the Phoenix Phaul Phunphest, Knoebels may build a new wooden coaster for the 1999 season. According to sources the park may have some extra surprises to go along with the announcement which is expected to be coming any day now. Stay tuned...

Six Flags Closes Batman Side Of The Chiller

Jackson, NJ - A source confirms that Six Flags Great Adventure has closed the Batman side of The Chiller rollercoaster. According to the source the park has not given any reasons as to why this side of the coaster will not be operating for the remainder of the season. Speculation suggests that the park may be starting it's off season maintenance early or they may be still experiencing problems with this attraction, which opened a year late earlier this Spring because of problems with LIM launch system.

A New Theme Park May Be Built In Nashville

Nashville, TN - On Monday it was reported that an investor from the entertainment industry is looking into the possiblity of building a theme park in Nashville. According to the report the park would be themed after movies. Nothing further was mentioned.

White House Deputy Chief Of Staff Likes Coasters

Washington D.C. - Last week a clip from an Associated Press article was posted on rec.roller-coaster. The clip read as follows:

Clinton Picks Podesta To Lead Staff

WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Clinton named his deputy chief of staff -- and top scandal troubleshooter -- John Podesta to the White House's head staff job today.

``He and his family have a taste for riding roller coasters. That will certainly serve him well here,'' Clinton said.

We simply found this to be of interest. We could not confirm if in fact his family has been on a similar coaster like Clinton's riding or if he indeed does enjoy riding the real ones like we do.

October 22, 1998

Six Flags Great America To Introduce The First Hyper-Twister In 1999

Gurnee, Illinois - Six Flags officials announced yesterday that they will be introducing a state-of-the-art thrill ride at Six Flags Great America for the 1999 season. The new ride named the Raging Bull, will be the world's first steel "hyper-twister" rollercoaster.

The new cosater will begin with a massive twenty story lift hill, followed by a 65 degree, 208 foot first drop into a dark underground cavern. Riders will experience a top speed of 73 mph as they soar through the underground tunnel.

The Raging Bull will offer the thrills of a hypercoaster combined with the tight, intense twists of a wooden twister rollercoaster. The ride will also feature a variety of towering hills and drops throughout a course of nearly a mile of track.

New to this coaster will be six exciting "inclined loops." The inclined loops will be steep, high-speed turns banked as much as 50 degrees.

The 36-passenger trains will also be unique in design. Riders will be seated on raised seats that barely allow ones feet to touch the ground. The trains will be open air and will be 'side less' to take away the comfort of protection genearlly offered by traditional trains enclosed feeling.

Specially designed restraints will extend from the floor between the riders legs and cross over the lap. The restrains will be designed in a simple t-bar fashion, most likely very similar to the restraints used on Superman The Escape at Six Flags Magic Mountain in California.

Raging Bull will feature an orange track and wine-colored supports. The coaster is named after a ferocious beast that terrorized the citizens of the old Southwest Territory until they fled the town and built the beautiful courtyard and mission seen today. The raging bull still lurks in the ruins of the old mission, which today serves as the loading station for this unpredictable, wild roller coaster.

Raging Bull will be custom designed and manufactured by Bolliger and Mabillard (B&M). This will be the parks third coaster designed and manufactured by Bolliger and Mabillard. B&M also built the park's stand-up rollercoaster, Iron Wolf and the very popular Batman The Ride, the world's first inverted roller coaster.

Consruction has already begun on this new attraction that will be build in the Southwest Territory of the park. The coaster will travel behind the Stunt Show Arena and parallel the guest parking lot. Raging Bull is slated to open in the Spring of 1999.

Raging Bull Official Statistics

Type of coaster: World's first 'hyper-twister'
Lift hill height: 202 feet
First drop: 208 feet
Top speed: 73 mph
Length of track: 5,057 feet
Number of trains: 3
Number of passengers per train: 36
Ride time: Two and half mintures

Busch Gardens Williamsburg To End Brewery Tour

Williamsburg, Virginia - Busch Gardens officials have announced that they will end tours of the brewery and close the the hospitality center on November 2. The announcement was made by Gregg Klich, vice president of park operations, who also indicated that the decision to end the tours was because of a lack of interest.

The tours of the brewery began in 1974. The park will also close the monorail which transports guests to and from the brewery.

Premier Will Purchase A Minority Interest In Six Flags Fiesta Texas

San Antonio, Texas - Premier Parks Inc. announced yesterday that it has entered into a definitive agreement for the purchase of the minority interest in Six Flags Fiesta Texas not currently owned by the Company. Terms of the purchase were not disclosed.

"This represents an exciting transaction for Premier," noted Kieran E. Burke, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Company. "While the operating results of the Park (less a minority interest) are already included in Premier's reported financial results, consolidating full ownership and control of the Park will enable us to pursue a stronger investment program which should lead to accelerating growth in attendance, revenue and cash flow."

"We are very pleased with the transaction," observed Edward B. Kelley, President of La Cantera Development Company, current owner of the minority interest. "We are confident that the investment which Premier will bring to Fiesta Texas will enhance the Park's position as a leading regional theme park and a cornerstone of ongoing development efforts at La Cantera."

The transaction, which is subject to customary closing conditions, is expected to close in the next 30 days.

Information obtained from the official press release.

Hersheypark To Build A 'Mad Mouse' Coaster For 1999

Hershey, Pennsylvania - Hersheypark officials announced yesterday that the park will build it's 7th rollercoaster for the 1999 season. The new Mad Mouse coaster will be build in the Midway America section of the park and will be one of five new rides for 1999.

The park will spend a total of $7 million during the off season on improvments to the park. The four other rides announced include a frog hopper, chaos, a giant slide and the music express.

Hersheypark is yet another park to announce that they will be installing an Arrow Dynamics designed Mad Mouse roller coaster. This past week Michigan's Adventure announced that they too would install one of these coasters for 1999. The new attractions including the Mad Mouse are slated to be ready for opening day, May 8, 1999.

October 18, 1998

Michigan's Adventure Will Build Another New Coaster For '99

Muskegon, Michigan - Michigan's Adventure Amusement Park will build a brand new $2 million Arrow Mad Mouse rollercoaster for 1999. The new attraction will be the park's fifth rollercoaster.

The new Mad Mouse will be 1,260 feet long and feature a variety of hills and turns. The ride features ten individual cars that seat four riders apiece. The Mad Mouse is a remake of the classic mouse ride that used to be featured at carnivals and parks around the world. The new ride is planned to open in June.

Michigan's Adventure made history this past season when the park built a CCI wooden coaster, called Shivering Timbers. The coaster was so well received that it made headlines across the country. Shivering Timbers is now called by many coaster enthusiasts, "one of the best wooden coasters in the world.".

Progress Is Being Made On Apollo's Chariot

Williamsburg, Virginia - A reader reports that construction on Busch Gardens Williamsburg's new rollercoaster Apollo's Chariot is moving along. According to the report some of the lift supports and track are now in place. Also many of the footers have been poured for the first drop.

Apollo's Chariot is a brand new prototype B&M designed hypercoaster. The coaster will feature a unique train with four-across seating and seats that are raised, so that the riders feet will not touch the floor. The coaster is planned to open next Spring.

October 15, 1998

Premier Will Possibly Build A Second Park In San Antonio

San Antonio, Texas - The local news reported yesterday that Premier Parks parent company of Six Flags Theme Parks is planning to build a second theme park in San Antonio next to the exisiting Six Flags Fiesta Texas.

Premier Parks President commented that the company is working on several concepts for a second gate. As of now no timeline has been set for the new park.

World Of Fun Settles Lawsuit

Kansas City, Missouri - A source has informed us that news stations in the Kansas City area were reporting last night that Worlds' Of Fun has settled the Timberwolf lawsuit. The lawsuit was over an accident that occurred awhile back involving the death of a girl on the ride. According to the report the family and the park have settled for $200,000.

Disney Announces California Adventure Theme Park To Open In 2001

Anaheim, California - In 2001 Southern California residents will have a second theme park for entertainment. Yesterday Disney officials officially announced details about the second theme park California Adventure, currently under construction in the former Disneyland parking lot.

The new 55 acre, $1.4 billion theme park will feature 22 rides and attractions, 15 restaurants, a dozen shops and a 2,000 seat performing arts theater. The park will be themed after the state of California, trying to recreate some of the best parts of the Golden State.

Coaster enthusiasts will be thrilled to learn that Disney will build a brand new state-of-the-art LIM lanuched steel coaster featuring a loop in the shape of Mickey Mouse's head. The coaster will reach a top speed of 55 mph and have a maximum drop of 107 feet. The coaster will be themed to look like a classic wooden coaster.

According to the Orange County Register the park is also considering to build an S&S Space Shot drop tower in the Paradise Pier section of the park. The final decision has yet to be made, but according to the paper Disney is looking into the design issues first.

We will bring you more on California Adventure over the next several days after we recieve some more official press materials.

October 12, 1998

Knoebel's Announces Possible New Woodie At Event

Elysburg, Pennsylvania - Dick Knoebel owner of Knoebel's Amusement Park took advantage of this past weekends popular Phoenix Phaul Phunfest coaster event to announce that the park is working on plans to build a new wooden coaster for next season. The announcement was made to several hundred coaster enthusiasts attending the event.

Knoebel said an official announcement will come in the next few weeks if the plans work out. Speculation has already begun as to what kind of wooden coaster and who may be behind the project. All we are going to say is coaster enthusiasts are going to be thrilled at the plans, but our lips are sealed until the official annoucement out of respect for this wonderful park. Sorry.

Kennywood Finishes Removal Of The Remains Of Le Cachot

West Mifflin, Pennsylvania - Reports from Kennywood claim that the park has finished the clean-up after last weeks fire destroyed what was remaining of the classic Le Cachot dark ride. Sources say not much was left after the fire and the park quickly cleaned up to move ahead with future projects at location of the former ride.

October 9, 1998

Fire Destroys Le Cachot Dark Ride

West Mifflin, Pennsylvania - A fire at Kennywood Park on Wednesday destroyed the classic Le Cachot dark ride according to reports. The cause of the fire is unknown, but it was confirmed that the attraction that was destroyed was already being demolished and the fire just sped up the process.

The building which housed Le Cachot was over 80 years old and the ride was considered to be one of the few remaining classic dark rides. Unfortunately, the age of the building was the determining factor in Kennywood's decision to close and remove the ride at the end of the 1998 season.

Local Township Gives Dorney Park The Green Light To Build

Allentown, Pennsylvania - The South Whitehall Township commissioners Dorney Park's application to build a new 200 foot tall thrill ride for the 1999 season. The approval rezones two areas within the park where rides over 70 feet high will be permitted.

Dorney Park intends to build a 200 foot high S&S Sports Turbo Drop tower. The tower is expected to be similar to the sister towers at Cedar Fair's other parks, Knott's Berry Farm and Cedar Point.

The approval did not come without some local opposistion. Local neighbors came to complain about noise and traffic the park causes in the summer. Officials from the park addressed the concerns by showing footage and tests from the Supreme Scream, a similar attraction now operating at Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park, California.

The Rip Cord, a new sky coaster ride which had been present in the original proposal has been removed from the plans for now. The park stated that they needed to address some issues with this attraction first before asking for permission to build.

October 8, 1998

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Expansion Cancelled

Santa Cruz, California - Earlier this week we reported about the proposed expansion of the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. Unfortunately the San Jose Mercury News has reported that the proposed expansion has been cancelled.

The paper reports that the realignment of several streets and the expansion itself were the causes for it to be cancelled. The Boardwalk would still like to proceed with plans to build the hotel and convention site.

Had the expansion gone ahead it would have been only about 1.4 acres.

Six Flags Festa Texas Announces $30 Million Expansion

San Antonio, Texas - Next year thrill seekers in Texas will have three new major thrill rides to enjoy at Six Flags Fiesta Texas. Six Flags officials have unveiled a $30 million expansion plan, the largest expansion in the park's history.

The plan for next year calls for the addition of three major new rides and a dozen other new rides and water attractions. The three major rides include the addition of two new rollercoasters and a freefall thrill ride.

The first rollercoaster called "The Poltergeist," will be the park's first LIM (Linear Induction Motor) launched rollercoaster. The ride will be built by Premier Rides and will launch riders from 0 to 60 mph in 3.5 seconds. This ride will be similar to the "Mad Cobra" rollercoaster, built by Premier in Japan.

The second new rollercoaster will be called "The Boomerang Super Coaster." This rollercoaster will be a standard Vekoma built boomerang rollercoaster.

The third major ride to be built will be called "The Scream." This new tower drop ride will be manufactured by Huss Rides of Germany. Riders will be dropped from the top of the tower, down 164 feet. "The Scream" will accomodate 24 riders at a time.

The park will also rename the water park the "Lone Star Lagoon." A one million gallon wave pool and a five-story water play house called the "Texas Treehouse" will be added.

Six Flags also plans to install several rides for younger children at Fiesta Texas. This expansion will nearly double the ride capacity for next year and the park will feature a total of five roller coasters.

October 7, 1998

Additional Night Added To Knott's Halloween Haunt

Just added: October 11, 7pm to 1am. Tickets are only $23!!!

Buena Park, California - Knott's Berry Farm just announced that they will hold the Halloween Haunt this Sunday, October 11. Other claiming the night was added by popular demand the park did not officially say why it was added at the last minute.

A source informs us that this was the annual Bank Of America private haunt party and the event may have been cancelled at the last minute. If this is true, this may be the ultimate night to go since crowds will most likely be light because of the last minute annoucement. In any case the price is right!

Sections Of Historic Idora Park In Danger Of Being Destroyed

Youngstown, Ohio - A press release was posted on rec.roller-coaster this evening which states that the historic Idora Park Ballroom and classic Jack Rabbit roller coaster are in danger of being destroyed.

According to the release the Mt. Calvary Pentecostal Church which currently owns the former Idora Park property have begun to demolish the buildings at the historic site. The release states that it is too late to save the penny arcade and carousel house which have already been destroyed as of late September.

Current plans call for the destruction of the remaining structures to make way for Mt. Calvary's plans to build a spiritual center. Idora Park was placed on the National Registry Of Historic Places in 1992. Despite the historical status it has had no effect on the plans and the church intends to continue with the demolition.

The press release also states that a development company, named IPDC or Idora Park Development Company, has recently announced their interest in purchasing a section of the historic park from Mt. Calvary Pentecostal. The planned proposal states that the IPDC is interested in purchasing the southern section of the park site. This section encompasses the Idora Park Ballroom, the Jack Rabbit roller coaster and the southern parking lot.

The proposal still needs to be completed and presented to the church administration. The proposal will outline plans to preserve and restore the Idora Park Ballroom and preserve the Jack Rabbit roller coaster. The coaster and ballroom were both built in 1910 and the Jack Rabbit is second oldest roller coaster still standing in the United States.

For additional information on the Idora Park Development Company and their proposal call Bob Barko, Jr. (330) 629-7619 or call Mike Taratino (330) 797-9400.

For additional information on the Jack Rabbit roller coaster and it's historical significance call Matt Crowther, National Preservation Director for the American Coaster Enthusiasts at (404) 588-9015, between 3:00pm and 7:00pm EST.

For additional information about the ongoing destruction of Idora Park Historical District, call David Bonamase of D&A Trucking and Excavating at (330) 533-9616 and (330) 502-4315 or contact Bishop Norman Wagner, Jason Whitehead or Clifford Cobin of the Mt. Calvary Pentecostal Church at (330) 747-4445.

October 6, 1998

Knott's Announces Ghost Rider Opening Date

Buena Park, California - Ghost Rider will officially open on November 30, 1998, according to the Halloween Haunt park guide given out at the annual halloween event this past weekend. Despite the excitement we were a bit surprised at the date, since it is the Monday after Thanksgiving weekend? The date doesn't seem logical, so we have decided to list several reasons why.

The Top 10 Reasons The Ghost Rider Will Open After Thanksgiving Weekend

10. They want to be fair and give the coaster the holiday weekend off, since we all have it off as well.

9. The printer who printed the Halloween Haunt guide choose the date assuming it would open on business day not a holiday.

8. The Y2K bug has already hit the computers at Knott's and time already means nothing.

7. The park is going to allow the picketing union workers a weekend to work and ride on the coaster to create good will.

6. The employees who would normally run the ride will be needed to serve chicken dinners over the busy weekend instead.

5. The date on the guide is just another illusion of the Halloween Haunt.

4. The park wants to see how many coaster enthusiasts will come anyways, just to drool at the entrance gate.

3. Management wants to see how the employees will handle repeat questions, "Why is the Ghost Rider not open yet?"

2. Jack Falfas (Knott's GM) wants to keep the ride in pristine condition for a few extra days before beginning the typical California treatment of wooden coasters.

1. CCI needed the extra few days to install trim breaks.

Our best guess is the timeline for completion from CCI says that it will be ready on November 30 and to avoid a PR hassel the park chose not to print an earlier date for fear it would not be ready.

We are speculating, but guess that if the coaster is ready for Thanksgiving Knott's will have a soft opening to break it in over the weekend. This is a great way for a park to open a new ride without having any commitment to the public. Therefore if problems arise they can close down the ride without disappointing the park guests.

Name Changes For New Stand-Up Rollercoaster

Atlanta, Georgia - A source has informed us that the name for the new B&M stand-up rollercoater being built at Six Flags Over Georgia has been changed from Jezebel to the Georgia Scorcher. Our initial reaction was "thank goodness!"

Track Spotted At Adventure World

Largo, Maryland - Take this for what you want it to be. We have been informed that several pieces of green track have been spotted at Adventure World. Could it just possibly be pieces to a new yet-to-be-announced rollercoaster?

October 5, 1998

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Plans To Expand

Santa Cruz, California - The well known Santa Cruz Boardwalk amusement park is planning to expand in the near future. The yet to be officially announced expansion is said to be vital to the economic future of Santa Cruz.

Specific details about the plan have not been released, but the plan calls for a new hotel and an expansion of the popular oceanside amusement park. According to the few details known a neighborhood called the Beach Flats would be razed to make room and the residents would be relocated into a 400 new homes.

New Batman Coaster May Simply Be A Clone

Dallas, Texas - While many were hoping for something more, it now appears that the new B&M inverted coaster being built at Six Flags Over Texas will be nothing more than a clone of it's sister Batman coasters. A reliable source claims that it will be nothing, despite the hopes that it would be bigger and better.

Six Flags Magic Mountain Increases Security

Valencia, California - Six Flags officials announced Friday that they will install metal detectors at both Magic Moutain and Hurricane Harbor. Six Flags California will be the first theme park in Southern California to install such devices for security. Disneyland, Knott's and Universal continue to opperate without.

A spokesman for the park says that the detectors, which will be installed by January, are the latest move to bolster the theme parks' already polished security forces.

October 1, 1998

Sea World Orlando Confirms New Theme Park

Sea World officials confirmed on Tuesday that they will build a second theme park in central Florida. The new park which is unnamed will be built south of the current park and will feature up-close experiences with marine life and birds.

The park will be located on the Central Florida Parkway and will open in 2000. The park will occupy only 30 acres of land making it the smallest theme park in Central Florida.

Some of the features of the new park indicate that guests may actually get into the water with the animals. A dolphin pool located on the west side of the park may actually be a swim through attraction with the animals. The park has yet to confirm this.

In the 80's, Marineland, a marine animal park located in Southern California featured the world's first swim through attraction called the Baja Reef. Disney's Typhoon Lagoon in Florida offers a similar experience where guests get to swim with sharks and other tropical marine life.

Sea World officials promised that the new park will be a very unique experience when it opens in 2000. Sea World will release additional details about the park next March.

Nine Charged With Murder After Deadly Himalaya Accident

A grand jury in Texas handed down nine murder indictments this past Tuesday, against nine individuals of B&B amusements. The nine people indicted are the owners, employees and associates of the Arizona based company who are being held criminally responsible for the death of a girl on their carnival ride.

The accident occured on March 19, when the girl was thrown from the Himalaya ride. The girl who was killed was 15.

The district attorney blames all nine for the accident. Saying that the operators, inspectors and the owners were equally responsible. This may be the first time that the owners of an amsuement ride company are being held responsible for the death of a rider.

Flashback Train Valleys After Second Drop

A source from the park informs us that Flashback has become an even sorrier sight than usual. According to the source, one of the trains valleyed just after the second hairpin drop. The worst part is that the train remains there, stuck in the valley awaiting a crane to remove it. Flashback is located at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, California.

Colossus Backwards Is A Hightlight At This Year's FrightFest

This years FrightFest at Six Flags Magic Mountain will be better than ever with Colossus running one side backwards. It has been several years since Colossus has run backwards. Ever since the park replaced the PTC trains with the Morgan trains they have been unable to run the trains backwards.

To make it possible, two of Psyclone's trains were moved to the 'B' (right) track of Colossus. The remaining Psyclone train will continue to operate on the Psyclone itself. Personally we would rather see them close down the Psyclone for the month and retrack it, but not every wish comes true.

Other events going on for FrightFest will be an invastion of various ghosts and gouls. Rides on Viper and Batman The Ride with the lights completely off. Park guests will also be able to tour Willoughby's, the Joker's Hideout and enjoy strolling entertainers. We have also been told that last year's incredible motorcycle show in the steel ball will be returning as well.

Virginia State Police Investigating Counterfeit Ticket Ring

Tuesday the Associated Press and Virginia newspapers reported that the Virginia state police are investigating a ring of counterfeit tickets sold to concerts, sporting events and theme parks. Some of the counterfeit tickets made and sold were tickets for the Busch Gardens Williamsburg theme park.

State investigators said the ring made at least $20,000 and operated out of an apartment for several months. One individual has been charged with two crimes and two other suspects will most likely face similar charges.

Inside Track Article Highlights Problems And Potential Fraud

Back in July we reported about an article written for the World Of Coasters web site that discusses the problems with the Inside Track publication. Unfortunately for many the article was only up for several days. We have been informed by the author of the article that it is now back online. If you are interested in reading this well written report on Inside Track, feel free to click here.

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