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Review: Robert Coker's Roller Coaster

Posted: 5/4/02 at 8:58:24 AM
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Robert Coker's new 140-page book is filled with *wonderful* photographs and ride reviews and follows most layouts similar to other books on roller coasters. It begins with a history section and then moves on to more modern day coasters.

The history section covers a short portion of the book but contains a lot of great information and photos not found in other books. I particularly enjoyed his writings on the early French work of Montagnes Russes and Promenades Aeriennes. Some great historic photos found in this section are of Paradis Park, Santa Cruz's Giant Dipper, and NJ's late Palisades park.

After the the historic overview, Coker gets right into ride reviews and I mean a WHOLE lot of them. The next 100 pages or so is just that starting with wooden coasters.

The wooden section explains all the different types of woodies. He starts of with his explanation of an out-and-back and then aptly gives a review of Shivering Timbers. He continues on with great reviews of Lighting Racer, Ghostride, and The Beast. Throughout the wooden coaster section he also nicely gives a brief overview of manufactures such as GCI and CC.

In the next secion, he moves on to steel coasters and pretty much follows the same format as the previous chapter with the wooden coasters. Coker does nice job just simply describing all breeds of steel coasters from standard loopers to flying coasters. Again, there are many great photos and ride reviews of such coasters like Riddler's Revenge and GAdv's Medusa.

The following section is dedicated to "extreme machines". In this chapter you'll find again more reviews and photos of such rides like Millenium Force, Son of Beast, Nitro and much more. More manufacture overviews are also found in this chapter.

The final chapter is about his view on where the future of roller coasters will take us. His introduction in the chapter talks about the proposed 740 ft. Arrow Fishhook in Vegas and other record breaking rides such as Steel Dragon and Fujikyu Highlands' S&S "Dodonpa". This short and final chapter then gets into descriptions of X, Vekoma's Deja Vu, and other newly concept rides.

Overall, I highly recommend this book for any coaster enthusiast especially for the very reasonable price I paid for it only being $15 and change. Robert Coker has a different style of writing compared to other authors and can get you really excited on his ride reviews. On top of that, there are copious amounts of colored photographs from many modern day roller coasters like Steel Dragon.

Mitch F.

Re: Review: Robert Coker's Roller Coaster by Graeme Graeme Profile at 5/4/02 12:31:08 PM

Thanks for the review. I'm definitely getting this book. I love Robert Coker's writing style. There is not a hint of snobbery in it, and he always seems to approach new rides with an open mind.


I have that book..... by SPYDER SPYDER Profile at 5/4/02 12:49:22 PM

I have the same book. I got it in early April and am very pleased with it. Its extremely imformative and has great pics and ride reviews. I reccoment it to any thrill ride enthusiast. Great buy, great price, definitely worth $15. BTW: The author, Robert Coker, owns the site