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Smurf Mountain memories

Raptor Timmy

1/15/02 at
5:36:27 PM

Did anyone ever experience Smurf Mountain at kings Dominion? How about the mountain before the Smurfs.
I don't know about KD but I did ride the Smurf's Enchanted Voyage and it was OK. I was never really into the Smurf's and I liked the original EV a lot better. I wish PKI would rebuild this. I would be great for people who grew on in the 1960s and 70s and their kids.
Does any park in the USA do anything with the Smurfs anymore? Does anyone even remember the Smurfs?

Re: Smurf Mountain memories by KMAN KMAN Profile at 1/15/02 6:06:00 PM

Yes, I "experienced" Smurf Mountain several times at PKD. It was a COMPLETE bore. Even my brother who was 9 his first time on did not like the ride. It was about as cheap looking as they come.

Smurf Mt. was of course part of 4 rides that filled the mountain now occupied V:TBC. Mt.Kilimanjaro was a Himalaya type ride without the canopies and carnival like appearance. Haunted River had a decent final drop, but was otherwise a filthy and decrepit ride almost from the get go, and the Time Shaft was a spin and spew complete with disco ball and gum excrusted walls.

I always thought that the old mountain was an eye sore to a major park like PKD and am happy to see the much needed improvement that the V:TBC re-fit accomplishes. --K

Re: Smurf Mountain memories by comet3506 at 1/15/02 9:41:02 PM

my experience with smurf moutain was not the best one. It was our first time at KD. It was 1991, the year anaconda was added. we saw smurf mountain and thought it was a minetrain type ride. Waited like 40 minutes for it. They were only running one train and it was a 7 minute ride. And I really didn't find it all that exciting and it was a ride for my sister which we left off since we thought it was a coaster.

I used to watch the smurfs as a kid. Wasn't my favorite cartoon but they were alright I suppose. I still remember the stupid theme tune.


Re: Smurf Mountain memories by Etaylor at 1/15/02 11:32:22 PM

I for one love the Smurfs. I was a big fan of the cartoon. The Smurf Mountain ride was, however, a total bore as others have said. I only did it once. It was along the same lines as It's a Small World, but not that pretty, and more cheaply made.


Re: Smurf Mountain memories by Masher at 1/16/02 12:03:25 AM

Sorry, no Smurf memories, just Haunted River flashbacks! Below is a link of Kings Dominion pics taken in early spring 1982. One of them was taken on the Haunted River.

I remember the indoor Rotor! (n/m) by sarah w at 1/16/02 8:34:04 PM

Re: Smurf Mountain memories by Steven Wilson at 1/17/02 2:27:24 AM

I rode the mountain's attractions in the pre-Smurf days. It was a fairly elaborate complex of rides. The train ride through the mountain was called something like the Land of Dooz. Apparently the name "Dooz" was a take-off of the name of the park's hometown: Doswell. I rode the Haunted River the most. It was a pretty cool flume ride through the dark interior of the mountain. There were animated scenes along the way. I also rode the rotor. I may have ridden Land of Dooz after the Smurf conversion, but I don't remember for sure.


What about the safar!?!?! by Zimm at 1/17/02 3:33:17 PM

I remember the safari which was seen from a Monorail. It was pretty nice from what I can remember. The park seemed to have a lot more character back then than now. Its a shame that they removed so many attractions and rides for the newer ones. Click below for a link to the 1984 Kings Dominion brochure if you want to see it. It sure brings back some memories for me.

User Submitted Picture

Kings Dominion in 1984