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my coaster essay for school

Posted: 12/16/01 at 6:36:42 PM
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Why I am Obsessed With Roller Coasters
A Personal Essay

Why am I obsessed with roller coasters? Why would I be willing to wait an hour and a half for a three minute long ride? What?s the point? It is very hard to understand. I will try to tell you to the best of my ability but there is no way you will ever truly understand the feelings of a coaster freak until you experience a true thrill ride for yourself.
There is no feeling like accelerating from zero to eighty-two miles per hour in less than two seconds then being blasted up a tower at ninety degrees straight up and then straight back down again. An amazing experience that is over in less than twenty seconds. But why would someone be willing to wait over three hours for a seventeen second long ride? No one can really say. It could be the sense of overcoming your fears. Or maybe it is the rush you get from a great coaster which is what most coaster nuts search for. A roller coaster is like a natural drug. That rush you get is like nothing else you could ever imagine. The feeling of the wind blowing at your face as you fly down that first hill is indescribable. It takes your breath away. Roller coasters give you a whole two to three minutes where you are in utopia and nothing else matters but what is going to happen next.

Whether you dropping ninety feet at fifty miles an hour or three hundred and eighteen feet at ninety-eight miles and hour it is all the same. Everyone loves the feeling that they?ve escaped some kind of danger. That?s how the general public feels. They just want to show off that they can do something crazy. But to a coaster maniac such as me we believe we have a deep relationship with a coaster. We know its every turn and drop. We study them closely and learn more every day. They are works of art that we could stare at forever. Either on or off the ride they are a beautiful sight to behold. The smooth motion of a two ton train flying through a vertical loop, a cobra roll, an immelman or any other coaster element that only a coaster-holic would appreciate let alone understand. There is nothing as beautiful as the view at sunset when you are just cresting the hill of the three hundred and ten foot high Millennium Force at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio. Pure brilliance.

Even though all roller coasters are one in the same they also vary so much. There are fun coasters, intense coasters, and just plain wild roller coasters and today it takes a lot to impress the general public as well as die hard coaster enthusiasts. Audience nowadays are looking for so much more than people used to. Roller coasters originated in Russia with simple slides coated with ice that people would slide down. Then they had the switchback railway which reached a whopping five miles an hour. What was fun back then doesn?t seem fun at all. In modern day we are looking for zero to one hundred and seven miles and hour in two seconds. We are slightly impressed with a new coaster that inverts, or goes upside down ten times. This shows how much peoples views change overtime and no one knows what the future of thrill rides will hold. We do know that it will be sure to blow away what we have now.

This is exactly why I love roller coasters. You may think I am crazy and maybe I am, but that will never know. But, what we do know there are two kinds of people in this world. Those who ride roller coasters and those who do not. And to those who do not, you have no idea what you are missing. Yet, there will always be those of us who seek thrill every day and that is why I am proud to call myself a coaster enthusiast.

Re: my coaster essay for school by Glennard at 12/17/01 4:02:40 PM

Dude, that is beautiful...I believe it describes every coaster enthusiast out there