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Ft. Walton Beach Comet

Posted: 2/15/01 at 3:57:46 AM
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I was wondering if anyone knew much about the Comet in Fort Walton Beach, FL. I was there in 1996, took pictures (and a souvineer) and wanted to add a page about the coaster to my website. But, I cannot seem to find any info out about the coaster...I can't even find it in Cartmell's PTC list at the end of his book. My guess would be that it was a PTC junior woodie (as it had flanged wheels), was designed by Schmeck and opened in the 50's (probably the earlier part). I do not even know if it is still standing. If anyone has anything to share...or could point me in a certain direction it would be appreciated.


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Re: Ft. Walton Beach Comet by Starliner01 at 4/24/20 10:31:42 PM
Hi! I remember seeing this coaster, the Ft. Walton Beach Comet. I remember driving past it. I wish I had ridden it. So sad when coasters are taken down. It looked like a good coaster. I remember one odd thing, that it was painted green. This would have been in the 80's or maybe 90's. I would live to see any photos you might have, or read of your experiences and impressions of the Comet! It is nice that we remember it.