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Question(s) for JCK!


4/26/00 at
7:53:25 PM

Do you think my local park will get a woodie for its 25th anniverssary next year? I heard rumors of a CCI in the area where the offices now sit with the new offices being relocted near the dorms! I saw this on Thrillride last week but just because its on thrillride does not mean its not true! Nos size other than 110-120 feet which is not uncommon for a CCI! Do you think that bvecause CCI are bettter designed rides that VF would do a better job of running it than any of the current coasters? The ONLY coaster at VF without any trims(or blocking brakes used as trims) is the Corkscrew which is their tamest coaster! I hope VF can get a world class coaster and keep it that way! I still fear Power Tower would get toned down after a year or two! What do you think? I hope I am wrong on this one! In the meantime I can't wait to get my butt on(and off meaning off my seat:-))on PT when it opens up in a few weeks! I WILL be there on opening day!!