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passholder day PKI moved to 5/4&5/5!!!!!


4/25/00 at
6:43:49 PM

Just got off the phone with PKI and was told

season pass days will be next thurs.& fri.

Was also told passholders could walkback

starting at 4pm.This is great because now I

not only get to be one of the 1st to ride

this thing (SOB),I have excuse to come back

next week.SEE YA FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Note 6PM opening on Friday by RobLec RobLec Profile at 4/27/00 12:35:40 AM

The signs outside the entrance to PKI tonite said the hours will be 5-10PM on Thursday and 6-10PM on Friday. Not sure why they changed the time for Friday.