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TR: Springtime in the Park: Hersheypark 4/22/00

sparky sparky Profile

4/23/00 at
12:32:34 AM

After the Great Drenching Adventure we had on Friday, I was to be more cautious on Sat- moreso because Hershey is a 155 mile drive as compared to the 70 miles to SFGADV.

After seeing the Central to Western PA would really only be in for clouds and a few showers, we left Clifton around 8:00 to arrive at Hershey at 10:30.

Today at Hershey, LOTS was going on. About half of the park was open, a soccer tournament was being held at the stadium, and Elton John was playing at the Arena- quite a full day!

As for rides, Carousel Circle, Comet Hollow, Minetown, and Music Box Way were open. Part of Pioneer Frontier was supposed to open according to the guides, but it never did, so we didn't get to ride the Sidewinder or Trailblazer, oh well.

Hersheypark is an amazing place. I don't know any other place that can keep me busy without becoming bored with less than half of its coasters open. The carousel looked and sounded great as usual. Zoo America's Bear exhibit was great (and very reminding of the X Rated scene seen just one day earlier in Jackson, NJ).

As for coasters, take your choice- Comet, Sooperdooperlooper, Great Bear. All had a line up until noon or so, when the park put second trains on each making the looper a walk on the rest of the day, the Comet no more than a 5 minute wait, and Great Bear no more than a 10-15 min wait for a non front seat.

The Comet was running sluggish, and wasn't helped by the infamous and pointless brake on the over the station turn. This turn is similar to the turn "over" the Phoenix's station- I can just picture what the Hersheypark Comet could be. I have a feeling Jersey Joe is going to reply to this and rub it in my face again (like how he rode the original Elitch Twister LOL).

Sooperdooperlooper is pure out fun. No real thrills, but a nice, graceful, smooth ride through the loop and along the Spring Creekside terrain with a nasty pointless midcourse brake. Still, classic Anton- not his best work, but classic.

Great Bear was running in mid season form. The back two rows gave nice pull on the first helix and drop. I still feel that the heartline spin and flatspin on Great Bear are the best elements of their kind on an invert respectively. There are other better inverted coasters, but these two particular elements are dead near perfect here. Great Bear....Great ride.

All in all, a blast of a day, but a shame to be in a park with so many people and having to look at the Wildcat and Wild Mouse from the Kissing Tower. Lightining Racer looks great- can hardly wait for media day.

POP wristbands were $15, or you could purchase tickets at $.70 a piece, with rides ranging from kiddie rides requiring two tickets to Great Bear requiring EIGHT tickets. That's right- $5.60 per ride on Great Bear- I think

A)We got our money's worth

B)I'll hear less complaining about the Coney Cyclone getting $4 and $3 for each additional ride.

Coney Tomorrow. TR to follow Sun night. Happy Holidays to all.