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Any info on Vekomas woodie trains??


4/22/00 at
11:53:22 PM

I saw some pictures of a Vekomas woodie train! Does anyone know if the lapbars are designed with a spring or something to prevent them from ratcheting down during the ride?? Since PTC starting making those crap lapbars that falls down on even the lifthill NO ONE has made well padded trains with the GOOD ratcheting lapbars that stay where they are set in the station like the ones on Viper at SFGAm! Those trains IMHO are even much better than any trains including ones with the standard lapbars because you can get more room than a standard lapbar! They are have an articlating chassis underneath if I am not mistaken! I SURE HOPE THESE NEW VOKOMAS TRAINS ARE THE SAME QUALITY OF THE VIPER TRAINS!! Nothing has been made of that quality since PTC ruined the spring mechanism on their ratcheting lapbar! Also are those Vekomas trains as comfortable and roomy as the Viper Trains?? In other room more legrooms? Those Gerstlaurer(sp?) trains are cramped and lacked legroom when I rode Twisted Sisters at SFKK even though the lapbars are much better than the crap PTC puts out now! Also do those Vekomas trains have a twisting chassis that allows the 3 bench trains to go around tight turns with ease?? Maybe CCI should look into those Vekomas trains since the new trains on the Boss and the Villan are too slow!!