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PKI TR 4/22/00


4/22/00 at
9:51:05 PM

Me and swOHman went to PKI at 9:00am. It was cloudy & cold which = NO CROWDS! YES! Though Face/Off and Top Gun were closed, the rest were running top notch. Vortex- supreme airtime, smooth! The Beast- What, AIRTIME? YES, BIG TIME! NO BREAKS! King Cobra- new restraint system, but smoother than usual. Racers- Backwards=same, Forwards= the best ever!!! AIRTIME after AIRTIME!!! Advnture Exp.- smooth and views of SOB!!! Outer Limits- Folks, ride it this year! It is true to the rumors of it being smooth! Smoothest ride @ the park!

Never thought I'd say that! SOB- WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW!!!! That thing is huge!

Overall Day- GREAT! Go to PKI this year!!!