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PCW (4/22/00)-long post


4/22/00 at
6:25:13 PM

Well I went for my training today and everything went well. We actually finished so early on the rides that we went all over the park and maintenance let us go on some rides. We Had unlimited flights on extreme skyflyer(skycoaster)-for free. I also got to go in scooby's haunted mansion about 3 times. Let me say that this ride is great. The theming and effects were so well done and impressive. I thought it would be corny but it was infact very cool. Its also pretty long. In each cabin there is 2 ray flashlights and a speaker installed in the seats where scooby and shaggy talk to you during the rides. We were not able to ride cliffhanger but watched in motion. This thing is like no other topspin ride. It rides at a very fast speed.

FINALLY, we all saw a photo earlier of tracks lying down in the parking lot. Well, i have some bad news. I asked many year round area managers including my own manager and they said nothing has arrived in the park for 2001. All they know is that it's "big"-nothing else. When i told them about the tracks none of them where aware of them. So this picture is either old or they replaced topgun tracks within a day, and there were not that many tracks lying there so it could not be for a new coaster at this point :( But we all know something big is coming :)

Other improvements for 2000 that I saw:

-dragon fyre: station renovation ,new stairs and railings, new que lines( this tells us that they are not planning on removing dragon fyre anytime soon)

-new gardens around the park -bumpercars building-repainted -swings of the century-repainted-now dark turqouise -very nice -restaurant renovations all over the park(many repainted) -new games

Lots of other improvements all over the park.