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PKI - Terrible Weather, 1 GREAT HOUR-SOB DOES IT!!


4/22/00 at
12:05:11 PM

I had Planned on going to PKI Friday Night, and almost didn't due to weather, but I am so Glad I did!

There was TERRIBLE Weather, Windy 42 degree Misty Rain, and the Park closed early at 7:30, but I had ONE GREAT HOUR AND A HALF! I rode OL:FOF 4 times in a row, FACE-OFF, DZ twice, went on the Eiffel Tower Twice and most exciting of all, I GOT TO SEE SOB PERFORM ITS FIRST FULL CIRCUIT RUN, AWESOME!!

Here is how it went down: Getting on DZ, I asked the PKI team member loading us if he has seen the SOB run a full circuit yet, He emphatically said that it hasn't happened yet. When I was riding Drop Zone, I saw them move the SOB train from its Final Brake run position to the loading platform. After the Spine tingling drop on DZ I figured I could get another look at what was happening with SOB by hoping right back on DZ. When I did, I saw the SOB climbing the first hill, and this got me excited, but then it stopped 2/3's up the lift hill. So I dropped again and headed towards the Eiffel Tower, keeping my eye on Sonny the whole way. As I was passing King Cobra, I saw the Train start moving again and I started running to get to where I could see the second hill. Then I saw it drop and zoom up the second hill. Remembering how Chuck N. reported seeing it rollback, I was rooting for it to complete the circuit, and indeed it was successful, FINALLY!!

So I headed up the Eiffel Tower and on the way up I saw it Cresting the lift hill again, and got out of the elevator in time to see the incredible Banking as the train Blasted up the second hill. I witnessed a total of four complete runs before they stopped testing again, and let me tell you, It does look Spectacular, the train handles the loop with total ease, and I think the wicked banking up the second hill is really going to be the best element on this Monster.

I can't wait until Wednesday, the 26th, for Passholders Night, I am so ready to hop on this thing!!

Tony Ramsey

I Can't Wait!!! by TheBeastAaron at 4/22/00 12:09:42 PM

Hearing that makes me sooooo happy and i can't wait 'till the PKI day on June 3rd!!! I hope to see everyone there!!!


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