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Best Floorless?


4/19/00 at
5:03:15 PM

So what do you think is the best floorless? I can't decide. What do you think?

Re: Best Floorless? by bjal at 4/20/00 6:18:55 PM

> So what do you think is the best floorless?
> I can't decide. What do you think?

I've been on two Vekoma SLC's and three B&M inverts. the B&M designs are far superior of course, but I've only been on Raptor, and two Batman coasters at Six Flags Over Georgia and Six Flags Over Texas. I think Raptor is the best one, because its layout is longer then the BTR's, and features more inversions. I really want to go on Alpengeist and Montu, and if I had more access to overseas traveling, Nemesis would be the first roller coaster I'd go for. The Vekoma inverts are way too rough, but the one at SFKK is okay. It's smoother then the new one at AstroWorld. So I guess Raptor is currently my favorite inverted coaster. Is the Medusa at Six Flags Great Adventure an invert. As a closing statement, I still enjoy the old Arrow suspended coasters.

Re: Best Floorless? by A1F0 at 4/22/00 8:24:29 PM

I didn't mean inverts like raptor but rather floorless which are sit downs with "no floor" so to speak and are similar in that your feet don't touch the ground, that's cause there isn't any. Floorless coasters are like Batman Knight Flight, the two medusas, Superman Krypton Coaster and Kraken. As for the inverts I've been on Alpengeist and Batman TR and Top Gun at PCW and the Mind Eraser at SFA. I'd say TG is better than ME and thatAlpengeist was fun but I think it was too perfect. Two smooth and so big you could yawn going into the elements. I don't know I'd hate to way that I didn't like it but sometimes the roughness is what makes it fun and bigger is not always better.