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Disneyland thoughts...(kind of a TR)...


4/19/00 at
2:53:15 PM

Yesturday was a great day at Disneyland. Seeing as I have not been there since I was around 8 or 9 (and I am a whopping 15 now - adn 15 days till my birthday...I want a shiny new bike, a monkey and a GI Joe) it was a totally different expierence then when I was there before. Everything seems a lot bigger when you are 3 or 4 feet off the ground. Anywho, here are some of my thoughts on the park.

FASTPASS: IT IS A GREAT THING! This made my day so much better. Just stick your ticket in, get a ticket back, wait an hour and come back. It is such a great idea. Way to go Disney!

ROCKET RODS: What a great ride. I did not enjoy the 1 1/2 hour wait, but at 9:15 at night in the front, it was one heck of a ride. Sure, it does not do 75 mph, go upsided-down and all that, but I had a hoot on it. Don't pass it up. (much better then the People Movers ;0)

SUBS: How sad, they are just sitting there. :*0(

SPACE MOUNTAIN: Again, a great ride, and much better then I remember. It was like 212% better with the great music blasting in your ears. Why don't other parks make ride like this in the dark. It is so cool not knowing where you are going.

HAUNTED MANSION: Still great. Just wanted to say that. =0)

INDIANA JONES: That has to be the most themed ride in the world. The ride itself it great, but better when you are smaller.

CALIFORNIA ADVENTURE: This thing is gonna be great, but Walt Disney must be turning in his ice block, cuz this is nothing what he wanted. California Screamen' looks cool, and long. The peak on the water ride (?Grizleys Peak?), looks really cool and the rest of the stuff is coming along.

PARKING: WHAT HAPPENED TO GOOFY, PLUTO, SLEEPY, DOPEY, CHIP, DALE, MICKEY, RODGER, AND THE REST OF THE PARKING!!! The one thing i remember about going to Disneyland was the parking (call me twisted again!). Now it is Tamon G1, Tamon G2, Tamon G3, TamonF8238, Tamon8291...Boo to Disney on that. They have this HUGE parking lot and it is all one flippen character! As you can see, I am not right it the head, but am I the only one that noticed this?! It is bad enought that you can't even see the front of the park when you drive in, now they stick you into mediocre characters to park under.

OK, all done.

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