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Volcano: Buy oil by the case.


4/18/00 at
11:08:29 AM

I was wondering why Volcano is shut down so much? Logic tells me that after all these years they would have figured it out by now. If your car burns alot of oil then you buy your oil by the case and carry it around with you. That way you can keep on riding. I refuse to believe that every time Volcano breaks it is a new problem. If that were the case then it is junk and time for PKD to get their money back from Intamin. The mechanics should know by now how to keep the ride running. Machines are very predictable, especially after they s@rew you over a time or two. Is there any body out there in roller coaster land that works for PKD that can help me understand Volcano's problems.

Re: Volcano: Buy oil by the case. by Jeff Tolotti at 4/18/00 2:09:07 PM

> I was wondering why Volcano is shut down so
> much?

Because it's Intamin. Most of its problems are because of faulty sensors. That can cause a whole slew of problems though - second LIMs don't fire, train won't move in the station, etc. My favorite was last year when the train was trying to launch and the brakes wouldn't open, so it went REEEEEERRRRRRR as it tried to push through the closed brakes!


Same thing with Chiller! by TOTManiac at 4/18/00 11:53:09 PM

I can't stand going and seeing closed every time. It makes you wonder while a almost identical ride like Mr. Freeze runs all the time. Sure Chiller was the prototype but you think they would have fixed it by now.