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4/17/00 at
9:59:15 PM the message below, i went to the mountain last friday, it was my first time on Goliath since Media-Day, and believe me(!!!) the 2nd part is as intense as ever, no difference at all, just to assure people who plan on coming to california to ride this beast. I guess, there will always be those MM basher, who just make up things instead of enjoying that the West-coast finally is catching up with the rest of the country and even in LA lA land we can have an World-class theme park, which excactly what Magic Mountain is! P/S ....if you check Gooses Message-Board you will find a lot of trip reports from last weekend observing excactly what i said, the brakes are the same as always!

And even if they were... by Al W. at 4/17/00 10:15:23 PM

... as Eric himself reported, people who came to a COMPLETE STOP on the brake run on media day still reported the remainder of the ride as being intense! I re-rode it again a couple of weeks ago and again "grayed-out" on the helix. No matter how much some jealous people try to diminish the impact of this coaster, it's a winner! Al W.

Re: And even if they were... by alexatucla at 4/17/00 10:44:11 PM

...i agree with you 100%!

Re: And even if they were... by Orient Express at 4/17/00 10:57:45 PM

Me too

glad to hear it by Schrecken Schrecken Profile at 4/18/00 12:03:39 AM

> Me too

I was getting rather dissapointed when I read that earlier post, being that I am planning to play a little "hooky" from work Wed. or Thurs of next week to go ride Goliath. I guess it's all in perception - seems the last time I rode it when the breaks hit it was like nothing more than cruising along in one's car and barely tapping the brakes. Now I can get properly psyched. the photo at the link below is one I took while in the crushing grip of the infamous helix - my camera felt like it weighed 30 pounds! This is where folks blackout! (I took this pic when I was working at the park so I was allowed to bring the camera on)

Hell's Helix-an on board view

great pic, schrecken... by alexatucla at 4/18/00 10:44:56 AM

....finally i see the part i usually black!