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Cedar Point's Wild Mouse- new for '59!

Raptor Timmy

4/17/00 at
8:26:33 PM

It's hard to believe that this little coaster started CP back from near oblivian to the America's RollerCoast as it calls itself today. The 1950s were for the most part bad years for the point. The Cyclone was condemned and razed, the G.A. Boeckling ended its run, and changing times spelled doom for the park. In fact the park nearly closed but was saved by the outcry from local visitors who didn't want the summer resort turned into private housing. But their were bright spots, in 1957 the Cedar Point causeway was opened and it gave motorists a quicker and easier way to get to the point and the park built a new 10 ride kiddieland in time for the baby boom. Also, the park's lease as an amusement park did not end until 1959 giving CP another chance, And the beach and the ballroom still attracted visitors as they always did. The Wild Mouse was the first coaster added to the park for adults since the Cyclone was razed. The ride was very popular and gave riders the trill of missing the tight turns and flying off the structure. The ride only lasted 4 years at the point but has become a symbol of the park's early days in the "modern era". It is iteresting that the park added the Scamper in 1962 and from the pictures I have seen of that ride it looks pretty much the same as the Wild Mouse. I never really understood why the park had 2 different versions of this type of ride. 1959 was the best year the resort had in a long time and Cedar Point was well on its way to becoming the megapark it is today.

P.S. Rumors have been swirling for a while that CP would get an all new mouse. The park could put it in the rumored boarwalk area which if built could be themed to CP of the past.