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My top coaster list(if you care)

Raging Bull Fan

4/17/00 at
5:20:06 PM

MY TOP COASTER LIST (COASTERS I HAVE EXPERIENCED) Rated by type of coaster (elements) not in order!

Steel freeform (inverted multielement)=Raging Bull@SFGA Steel Freeform (multielement, floorless)=Medusa@SFGAd Wood Twister=Texas Giant Wood Dual Track=Colossus@SFMM Steel Freeform=Goliath@SFMM Steel Freeform (Standup, Multielement)=Riddlers Revenge@SFMM Steel Straight (Shuttle, LSM Launch, Dual Track)= Superman The Escape@SFMM Steel Freeform (Shuttle, Multi Element, Dual Track, LIM Launch)=Batman & Robin, The Chiller@SFGAd Steel Freeform (Multi Element, Catapult Launch)=Incredible Hulk@IOA Steel Straight (Multi Element, Shuttle, pipeline)=Ultra Twister@SFAW Steel Boomerang (Shuttle, Multi Element)=Boomerang Coast to Coaster@SFGE Steel Twister (Multi Element, Heartline Coaster)=Viper@SFGAd Steel Freeform (Inverted, Multi Element, Terrain)=Aplengeist@BGW Steel Double Out & Back (Inverted, Multi Element)=Batman The Ride@SFGAd Steel Freeform (Double Loop, Terrain)=Mind Bender@SFOG Steel Freeform (Bobsled)=Alpine Bobsled@SFGE


The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman@IOA


Jurassic Park the Ride (splash Down) @IOA Dudley Do-Rights Ripsaw Falls (log flume) @IOA Popeye & Bluto’s Bilge-Rat Barges (Rapids ride) @IOA