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SFGAdv TR: 4/16/00

NJ Man

4/17/00 at
3:00:17 PM

Weather: Drizzling in the morning, sun came out at 12:00 Crowds: Nobody there except for me and my friend practically, until 1:00, when people came with the sun

Well, my frind has no season pass, so I used my "Bring a Friend Free!" coupon with my season pass, which took about 30 seconds. We got in the park at 10:05. We wanted to do GASM first thing, but it was still closed. So, we had a loooong competition on the Teacups. They ran it for 10 minutes! We were the only ones on it, so it was awesome. We walked aroung and came to Jumping Jack Flash. It was testing very poorly. The grease had hardened due to the cold weather, and they had to get it heated up. We walked along the Boardwalk section, and noticed a train on GASM go through with people on it. So we ran up to the front row. 1 train wait. We were the only ones on it!

GASM: Running a heck of a lot faster AND smoother! I couldn't beleive that my head dodn't get banged once! In front and back! The first drop was it's awesome self. The first loop pulled some serious G's. The 2nd and 3rd loops pulled strong G's as well! The turn up into the brakes, after being reprofiled, was smooth! My head used to slam back and foth on that turn, but this time, I didn't budge! Sweet! The drop down into the boomerang was the same. They changed the picture spot, so now the entire care can be shown, instead of 2 people being cut off.

After GASM, we headed down to the games. I wanted to ride Twister, but Alonzo didn't. He was looking at the games. I went on. This thing was running CRAZY!!!!! First, it flipped us 15 times in a locked position, then it unlocked and did 4 gravitational flips. Then it did the lose your wallets and everything in your pockets sequence. 4 more gravitational flips, and the final face down to the ground horizontal sequence. Insanity. I got Alonzo on it, same program. When we got off, he did a new game. Virtual Reality Star Wars! It looked sweet as heck! I had to do it. WHOAH! Where am I?! Imagine playing doom, but you're actually in the game! WOW! Everything was so real and freaky! When I was shot by a stormtrooper, I thought that I really died! They also had Virtual Quake(or a game like it), Virtual Theatre, Virtual Skydiving, and the Cyber Pod. The Cyber Pod is a cheap attempt to make money. It isn't virtual reality. What they did was take a stand-up arcade game, and put it in an elaborate "pod". Nothing special.

We then headed over to Medusa. Rode the back row, the hopped right on to the front because only 2 people were there, so we said, what the heck? Medusa was it's own sweet self. I love every minute of it. This year, it looks nicer because there's actually grass growing! Not an open sandlot!

Everything on the left side of the park was open, eveything on the right side of the park, except Spin-Meister and Skull Mountain, was closed. We did a couple ride on Skull. Andres Fish N' Chips and Wok And Roll are coming along nicely. This coming Friday, I'm returning to do more Virtual Reality. Oh, Jumping Jack Flash opened and we rode the 5 times in a row. No wait!

All in all, we called home early because the crowds were building, and half of the rides were closed. The first two hours were great.