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Loss of a vintage carousel


4/17/00 at
1:17:56 PM

Sad news from New England.... I had the chance to ride this last summer; glad I did, but wish I could again! This was a really fun one, mostly due to the unusual animals. -Amy

>>>>>>> NEW ENGLAND NEWS BRIEFS Boston By Globe Staff, 4/17/2000

Lunenburg Old merry-go-round auctioned in pieces

A century-old wooden carousel was auctioned off in pieces Saturday after preservationists and the family who had owned Whalom Park since the 1930s failed to find someone willing to buy it whole. Officials at the Lunenburg amusement park auctioned off the hand-carved carousel, they said, because it was too expensive to maintain. The collection, sold in 56 pieces, fetched $457,150. (AP)