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PKD (slightly more upbeat)

Danny Biggerstaff (CoAsTeRDaN)

4/17/00 at
11:13:33 AM

Well, yesterday was my third trip to PKD this year. The first two were not very enjoyable, but yesterday was flawless. We got there about 3pm and the weather was great, not to hot, but it was bright sunshine and a very mild breeze from time to time. The park had a decent size crowd, but lines were not very long, they had full trains on everything (except the Rebel Yell backwards) that was running one. But that was a walk on all day. All the wood had been graphited that morning and was no squeky and was running just fine. We finally got to ride the Aviator (Space Surfer). This is a VERY comfortable ride, the harness system reminds me of B&M invert style, shoulder harness with belt between the legs. But I had SO MUCH ROOM in that seat and harness. The belt had plenty of slack. For those of you that know me, I am no petit man... (now why cant they make all invert harness like that !) I would be much more comfortable in it. The ride itself was not very exciting, but being that high up on a spinner was kinda neat. It doesnt do very much and the up and down aspect doesnt work nearly as much as a flying scooter, but was ok. I will ride it more. We next went to the Volcano, it was running and had no break downs while we were there. It was running 2 trains and we waited 1 hour and 15 mins. When we got to the station I noticed something new... The trains got new seat belts, if you have been on Volcano before, you knew they had they seatbelts on the side instead of in the front between your legs. Now they have both. This makes loading for the larger people MUCH faster and capacity has increased. I have to admit when I saw the new belts I was a bit upset, because us larger folk have a tougher time with them. BUT, when I sat down, I had more than enough slack in the belt between the legs. They needed to add the extender on the side one like normal, but now they dont have to use that big seperate organce belt they have to manually wrap around the harness for the larger people. So that sped up the loading by a lot. If you have to add that extra belt (like the last two years) that took some time, now this is MUCH faster and it allows just about anyone to ride. As I reported before the Scooby Doo got seatbelts and so did the Shockwave (across your chest). So I guess all the park mishaps last year across the country and there at PKD got them scared. Next we took a spin on the RY backwards and then stayed on the Grizzly for most of our time there.


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