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SFoT - TR 4/14


4/16/00 at
11:00:36 PM

Finally, my first trip of the 2000 season. Boy was I pumped. The park was only open from 2-8pm but I was able to hit the best rides at the park many times.

Texas Giant - Retracking made this puppy roll. Great rides on it & only a 20 minute wait.

The Chiller - I had never been on a LIM before. I really like this ride. A lot of headbanging but a different experience on a rollercoaster. Ride was closed for a while during the day & when it was up a few people tried to shortcut it & set off the fire alarm. The ride needed to be evacuated. Line wasn't longer than 15 minutes any of the times we rode it.

Batman - Not as good as I anticipated. Still a great ride, I think the Batman @ SFGAm is better. Not worth the hour long wait, but we still did it.

Flashback - Was down all day & couldn't get an explaination why.

Didn't get on too many other rides, we were going for the big ones all day.

It was too cloudy for my trip to Dallas & being from Minnesota, I was really dissapointed not to get a lot of sun in the 4 days I was there. A return trip may be in the works in May.