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PKI trip report friday..overdue(long)

Beast at Night

4/16/00 at
10:04:23 PM

OK, I am a little behind but here it goes. We arrived to get our seasons passes only to find out that when i called and reserved them with my credit card they had not been processed yet. Not a problem they looked it up at guest relations and issued me two comp tickets so now I just have to get them on pass holders night..A big thanks for this to take care of so quickly because my son and I had a long drive. The lady who answered the phone when I ordered the passes was so awesome and I joked with her about sending a note to maintenance to shut the brakes off on the beast...when I called back to ask another question about my passes she remembered me and told me she sent that memo to Beast maintenance and would be taken care of....OK for the rides, Beast after delays was super at night...squeaky but that just made the tunnels louder which i love. seemed we blew thru the breakshed and ripped thru the 2nd half of the ride...helix brakes if on didn't notice oh yeah and the first hill we felt like we were off the track!!!! WOW. Top gun coming so close to SOB is cool....finally rode drop eight year old loved it and what a rush it was!!! Adventure express is always fun to son wasnt tall enough to ride OLFOF and Face off..and we never made it on racer and vortex...we rode some smaller rides and of course got some good pics of for SOB...nothing I can say here can explain what this thing looks like...God I can't wait for this to open!!!! Come on pass holders day. We will be there on thursday and also saturday and sunday. sorry this ran on...just a little excited!!! Sincerely, Chris Trease

Re: PKI trip report friday..overdue(long) by swOHman at 4/16/00 11:20:41 PM

The Beast was just hauling through the woods wasn't it. The helix with little or no brakes was insane. OL:FLF has added padding and the brake run brings you to an almost stop, so the headbanging is virtually gone. Well glad you had a good time, I had a great time too.

swOHman a.k.a. Brian