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SFGAdv 4/15 TR (very long)


4/16/00 at
9:39:52 PM

I went to Six Flags Great Adventure on Saturday, and I must say I was very pleased with the park. There were a few posts on here last week about employees with bad attitudes, so I figured it may be somewhat different from last year. But, I spent 6 hours in the park (12:30-6:30), and every worker seemed very friendly and by no means rude or offensive.

I arrived at 12:30, and went to process my season pass, but the line was rather long so I took a few rides on Medusa. At this time of the day, the line was extremly short, probably due to the occasional rain. They were running only two trains, but the line only extented to the stairs leading into the station. This crew was almost as fast as last years', so the wait was minimal. This ride seemed a lot more powerful during the rain.

Next I walked over to Viper, it was closed, but they were testing it for quite a while. It seemed to be going even slower through the first inversion than it did last year. The train looked like it almost came to a complete stop in that first twist.

I went to Rolling Thunder, unfortunately only one train was running, but nevertheless the line was very short. This thing hauls when the tracks are wet. The bunny hops gave more airtime than usual and the lateral g's on that last turn seemed greater than ever before. After a few rides on this, I headed back to process my season pass. The line was still very long, but an employee told me I could go to the front of the line since I had ordered the pass through the mail, and had the form filled out. This took about 3 minutes, which was a great surprise to me.

After that, I rode some flat rides, followed by several rides on the GASM. This was a walkon, except for a two train wait for the first car. They were running two trains (white and blue) and the ride was as good as ever. I know that they reprofiled the turn after the thrid loop, but did they do anything after the brake run? It seems like the approach into the boomerang was a little different from last year. I got a few more flat rides in then rode Chiller (batman side, robin was closed). The line was rather long, so I only rode once, but it is still a vry fun ride.

At about three or four, the sun came out and so did a lot of people. The lines got longer, but they were still very tolerable. My total coaster count at the end of the day was

GASM - 7 Medusa - 9 Batman side of the Chiller - 1 Rolling Thunder - 6

All in all a great day. I still don't understand why so many people think the park is so dirty with rude employees. IMHO this is one of the cleaner parks (not the cleanest) with some of the friendliest employees.