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TR: SFGADV 4/16/00

sparky sparky Profile

4/16/00 at
9:24:37 PM

There's a certain bit of pride and happiness that comes after spending a great day at your home park and took note of major improvements this early in the season.

I arrived at noon and played until a nasty T-Storm came through the area around 6:30. In that time, I racked up 3 Medusas, 2 Rolling Thunders, 2 Blackbeards, 1 GASM, 1 Skull Mountain, 1 Top Spin, 1 Frisbee, 1 Dino Island, 1 Congo Rapids, and 1 Log Flume.

And I will say this- DIVE!, the newly rehabbed dive show was GREAT. A nice new plot, and a great team of 9 divers who all acted their parts very enthusiastically- unlike most dive shows.

Every single employee we came into contact with was amazingly cordial, and full of "wanting" to give out information.

The season pass processing line looked murderous- easily 1.5-2 hours- just makes me shake my head in how so many people don't just purchase them at the end of the previous season.

All rides ran much like last season. I will say Medusa has broken in and was offering a great deal more in the airtime dept than any of my rides last year- opinion raised greatly of this particular ride. Rolling Thunder had its right track open only- which actually offered two amazing pops of out of the seat airtime twice!

The Top Spin ran a brief, but insane program with a backward 6 flip sequence. The Frisbee was its insane self- to anyone who hasn't ridden one, jump on (SFGADV, SFFT, and SFNE).

BTR had trouble opening, and promptly shut down during periods of rain- never rode it. Chiller was down the entire time I was there- didn't see the reported Batman rollback. Other rides down included Buccaneer, Octapus, Galleon Race, Viper (but teased us by running empties all day), Fantasy Fling, Evolution, Skyride, and Freefall.

To reiterate, the park looked *great*, the employees were generally *great*, and the tiny lines moved well.

And how about one big WOW for Hurricane Harbor! I didn't realize how large this project is! It goes clear out to 537, and the speed slide tower was pure eye candy as I ran the speed bump at almost 40 MPH (got some airtime!)

A great day, and refreshing to see my home park looking and operating so well.


As for ri

Re: TR: SFGADV 4/16/00 by Thunderbolt at 4/16/00 11:24:04 PM

Hello Sparky, always a pleasure to read your posts. One thing bothered me though. Hurrican Harbor extends outward towards 537? That kind of bums me out. I always liked Great Adventure's hidden forrest like setting (sans Theme Park parking lot). From the entrance road or highway, the park was always well concealed. I thought it added a unique feel.Most SF and other park chains feel like they were plopped in the middle of a crowded area. SFGAdv's windy entrance road hid everything, only to thrust the park, as well as the mighty (what was once) Red & White G.A.S.M. When I was younger, it almost added to the suspense. I anticipated of how the park may have changed, and what the new ride looked like. It was the only payoff for having to spend that steep parking fee (well, I did have a parking pass, but even that wasn't free). Sure, as the theme park's lot expanded, out went the trees along the approach. However, if I had seen it from, say, I-195 or 537, it would have made it anti-climatic. If only they built it up towards the Safari more, preserving the forrest border between highway and park. Alas, everything can't keep that rural look forever. I just hope 537 never becomes like the infamous US 192 strip.

Re: TR: SFGADV 4/16/00 by chillforce chillforce Profile at 4/16/00 11:49:47 PM

Hey T-Bolt, the Harbor is to the left of the entrance road to the park, and so the park is still hidden from 537. Once the foilage comes in, forget it, you wont be able to see even the Water Park I think.

As for 537, well forget it there. The building on that road is really just starting and there will be a double jug handle (any other states have them LOL?) at the Kentucky Fried Chicken and the Bad Pizza, Chicken Holiday, Taco, Ice Cream and whatever other food little strip Mall. 537 is also going through some major expansion so forget it. The once quiet entrance will never be again.


Re: TR: SFGADV 4/16/00 by comet3506 at 4/17/00 8:11:14 AM

There is one spot on I-195 that you can see the park. If you are traveling east bound, just after exit 11 there is a clearing and you can see straight back to GA. Two rides noticable are Parachute Drop and CHiller.