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Suggestions for a term paper on rollercoasters?


4/16/00 at
1:01:09 PM

I have to pick out and outline my term paper for English and my teacher said I should do it on something that interests me. Since I love thrill rides in general, I was looking for any good topics I could write a good paper on. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.


P.S. When will good weather hit new jersey I have yet to get the chance to hit Great Adventure because I don't get my license til August.

Lots of possibilities! by Al W. at 4/16/00 10:13:43 PM

There are a lot of possible ways to go with this. If you're into history at all you could trace the coaster's evolution from the Russian ice slides of the 1700s. You could focus on one designer (eg: Harry Traver). Why people ride coasters/thrill rides (psychological motivation) is another way to go. An excellent resource is "The Incredible Scream Machine" by Dr. Robert Cartmell. This book covers all of the above and a lot more. The book is out of print, I believe, but should be available at the library. Hope this is of help. Best regards and good luck with your paper, Al W.

Re: Suggestions for a term paper on rollercoasters by Alpengeist Alpengeist Profile at 4/17/00 9:25:17 AM

Well, for my expository writing class last fall, I had to write on a significant item in my life. I chose to write about my first ride (and day experience) on Magnum XL-200. It was the best paper I've ever wrote and had I had a normal professor, I would have aced it. Too bad my prof was a professional writer who was...well, let's just say she was a tough grader :) and I only pulled off a B+. Point being, you can do it. Good luck with it.