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TR: SFGAdventure - rain!


4/15/00 at
8:13:09 PM

After last Sunday's snowout, we finally got to ride more than just the Dino Island movie. It's a new movie and more violent than last year's version.

Anyhow, 2 rides on Medusa - 2 trains were on due to staff shortage, so they say. It could be right, you know. It ran as good as ever.

Runaway Train operated both trains, loading the 3rd to 5th cars. Did it once. Still fun.

Rolling Thunder - the inside side with only 1 train was the only action here, but with all the rain, it flew! The last 3 speed bumps had us out of our seats, especially the final one. Now I know what those people who go for that coaster celebration mean! Between the back turn and when the track crosses over the first dive's bottom, the rusty noise was still there and the hills weren't exciting, but this was by far the best ride I ever had on that inner track.

Batman, the ride - not operating

Batman/Robin, the Chiller - Batman side opened up early afternoon. We headed over immediately when we saw the train running. A river of humanity followed us. We waited about 30 minutes; when we got out, the line was at least an hour.

Evolution, Pirate's Flight, Polyp, Scrambler, Breakdance, Viper, Blackbeard's Treasure Train, Magic House, Sky Ride, Round Up weren't running. There were at least 80 buses in the parking lot, but not too many cars. Guess the groups that had booked their bus trips had no choice but to go. A decent day, given the probable staffing problems and the typically inexcusable ride closings.

Ghost (rider!)

Re: TR: SFGAdventure - rain! by chillforce chillforce Profile at 4/15/00 9:00:48 PM

I guess they changed Dino Movie in the past week as we saw the exact same movie as last year, and that was last Saturday.

Glad you understand now how RT can be.


Re: TR: SFGAdventure - rain! 2 by greatApe at 4/15/00 10:16:28 PM

I went today too. figuring the rain would keep the lines down I didnt mind goin solo.Gotta love that SeasonPass w/parking I arrived at 3:45 and was happy to see GASM runnin 2trains. So I hit that up first. Waited about 4 trains to get the front row. Then the attendant let me stick around the station and hop in open seats, so i rode it a few more times. Whats with the white section of track? Then i went straight to RT knowing it would be running O.K. in the rain. I waited about 10-15 min for the front. couldnt ride the last row cuz i was solo. The paint on the right side is slowly creeping around the track. And i noticed wood piles by the turn around. Maybe they did work to the right side and are doing work to the left side. The reason why one track is partialy painted?i talked to a viper matinence guy who told me that viper had rescently been painted. No more orange tape on it. I think batman may be getting a paint job cuz it has orange tape on it. After RT i shot over to medusa which i waited 20min for the front. I rode with a 10 year old who never rode it b4. Is it just me that thinks goin on coasters with newbies makes it more fun, especially when you see them grinning from ear 2 ear when they get off. After medusa i went for 1 more ride on RT. I was next to a group of 3 so i convinced 1 to ride the last row with me. Waited 10 min. Lots-O-Air. It was 6pm so i decided to head home. All in all i had a fun time.