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joel nordstrom(PKI LOVER)

4/14/00 at
11:40:32 PM

I went to pki tonight and they added lights to the first tunnel and the helix tunnel. Does anyone know why they did this?? I think it really taked away the fun of riding at night. please reply, thanks

Lights by Shaggy Shaggy Profile at 4/14/00 11:48:00 PM

Those lights have always been there. They are work lights. But the difference you noticed was the fact that usually they are left turned OFF.

Now they were on in the first tunnel last Saturday as well. Hmmmmm

I do know that they have been replacing old boards (mostly handrails) on the coaster lately. I expect it is just a matter of maintenance forgetting to turn them off. At least I hope it is.

Beast has had some burps this season already. It was shut down for a good portion of the evening tonight and also closed early last Sat. It must be labor pains.