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Photos of The BOSS?


4/14/00 at
9:28:39 PM

Where can I find recent photos of the Boss? I'm going to SFSTL in a few weeks and I heard the coaster just looks incredible. Help me out here!


Re: Photos of The BOSS? by Magnum Allan at 4/14/00 9:36:20 PM

I have some recent pics of the Boss up on my site. Tomorrow I am going to upload some new pics of the Boss trains and some other pictures of the structure but for now i have two great pics up on my website. Happy future-riding!!!! Allan

Re: Photos of The BOSS? by The Coaster Phreak at 4/14/00 10:47:47 PM

Hey, I have 3 pics up on my site. One of the massive helix, a shot of most of the humangous structure and a shot of one of the cars.



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