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SOB not being ready for preview


4/14/00 at
10:26:20 AM

I was looking at some construction update photos taken on the 8th of April. There is only wooden structure with no tracks in place. How in the world can this thing possibly be ready by April 25? I have special tickets to preview the ride on the 25 from 5-10PM but it looks as if there is no way this will be open by then. There is over a mile and half of track to be put in place and then at least I would think a week of testing. I have been reading the Millenium Force updates at CP's web site and they have been testing and will be testing Millenium Force for over two months and that is steel! There is no possible way SOB will be ready in time, it seems that a woodie will require even more testing than steel whihc further lowers the possibility. The rides have to be tested for so long and then inspected and certified by the government before a human can ride it. Someone arugue with me otherwise on this. I hate to be the pessimist but the reality of the situation says no.

As long as its ready by the end of May Ill be happ by Mike at 4/14/00 11:23:04 AM

Thats all Im hopeing for. But for all of you going now. I think the park should reinburce <-spelling??? you. Or compinsate you in some kind of way. Like a free pass for latter or something. I'll try and e-mail a complaint, for compensation. Everyone should. And mabey they will, with enuff complaints.

Re: SOB not being ready for preview by Unknown at 4/14/00 11:44:05 AM

As a PKI employee that has been there oohh about every day this week and has made a point to check out Sonny every chance that I could get i can tell you it's practically of 5:13p.m. Yesterday when I left alll the metal tracking was in place except at the top of the first hill (in the little dip thinggy) the top of the secound hill and the turn around into the station......They had Four Crews out and working on these three spots and putting the final electrical touches on.....word around the park is that the first train will be on a testing will be starting on Sunday...........As for Millenium force taking a 2 months for testing, They are duing the majority of there testing on the elevator system and timming the catcher....SOB should take little more than a week if that......the will not be performing a drag threw and that is the most time consumming test so hold on to those sneek preview tickets and i'll see you at the park

Reimburse (n/m) by Rob Lec at 4/14/00 1:38:57 PM

> Thats all Im hopeing for. But for all of you
> going now. I think the park should reinburce
> <-spelling??? you.

Re: As long as its ready by the end of May Ill be by acer at 4/14/00 6:38:12 PM

The park has yet to officially announce an opening date, so why should anyone traveling to PKI expect to be reimberused or compensated.

When a park builds a unique coaster they have only an estimated timetable, which can easily be delayed by weather. I guess PKI could solve these "famous" delays by pushing their opening day back to sometime in May.

I don't mean to offend you, but if everyone complained about a certain ride not being open, it could give enthusiasts a bad name. We should know that stuff happens and not worry that our day in the park has to be absolutely perfect to be successful.

acer (who is now stepping down from the soapbox)