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? about first-time loopers


4/14/00 at
2:14:00 AM

I have a question. What is the first rollercoaster to go upside-down 4 times?

Is is WoF's Orient Express in 1980?

And please tell me if any of the info is wrong.

1 Inversion = Corkscrew at KBF 2 Inversions = Corkscrew at KBF 3 Inversions = Corkscrew at CP 4 Inversions = ? at ? 5 Inversions = Viper at SF DL 6 Inversions = Vortex at PKI 7 Inversions = Shockwave at SF GAm 8 Inversions = Dragon Kahn in Spain.


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Re: ? about first-time loopers by Dustijn Hollon at 4/14/00 10:41:48 AM

Well I'm not sure if it's the first to go upside 4 times, but it was the first to have a KKK or as we now know them as...a boomerang element


Re: ? about first-time loopers by Bullrider at 4/14/00 12:04:10 PM

The Turn of the Century at Six Flags Great America was redesigned to have four loops and reopened in 1980 as the Demon.

Vortex at PKI has 6, I believe N/T by TargetIndy at 4/14/00 12:08:51 PM