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SOB update/ King Cobra Marathon.....(long)


4/14/00 at
1:38:11 AM

Well I know there have been a couple of updates on SOB already but I figured I would put my two cents in. I went up to the park today for training on Drop Zone and over course I took a detour for a bit to look at the growing monster. There was heavy activity on top of the lift and the second hill. I think there were atleast 10 people at both places. Plus I had to laugh when I saw the crew at the very top of the lift hill eating dinner. Didn't even bother to come down to eat. I would love to be up there and have the view they did. They even waved back when we waved to them. Very far as the ride goes not much new to report. They are working hard on putting the metal plates on the ride for the track. PLus they were putting up a mock up of the first car at the entrance of the ride. Very cool. Just like Shaggy said Yellow that fades into Red. PLus the car had a bunch of decals on it that will look good. Cant wait to see the finished product. Also new about that huge black box they had there last year to hype up the ride....well again as Shaggy said the doors have been torn off to make it look like the Son of Beast has escaped. Very cool.....But I was lucky to get my first coaster ride of the year today. Got down training early and they were letting us ride King Cobra if we wanted. All I have to say is 1.5 hours straight of King Cobra is a bit to much. Granted I love the ride to death but after that first hour I started to bruise from the restraint system. But no way in heck I was getting off because how often do you get the oppurtunity to ride a coaster for 1.5 hours straight without getting off. Well I have taken up enough space so Happy Coastering everyone...hope to see you at PKI tommorow!!!


Re: SOB update/ King Cobra Marathon.....(long) by sparky sparky Profile at 4/14/00 2:27:11 PM

> how often
> do you get the oppurtunity to ride a coaster
> for 1.5 hours straight without getting off.

I could ride King Cobra all day if given the chance. When I think about it, the Cobra is probably my favorite coaster in the park besides the Beast. It's def. my favorite stand up coaster, and I couldn't be happier that the old removal rumors from years back turned out to be false. Outside of the load/unload time, I love those Togos. I've got to get up to Toronto to see if Skyrider (twin of KC) is as good in the airtime dept. PKD Shockwave with its shortened modified course lacks the trick track and rapid fire bunny hop run that KC and SR have.

SRM on 5/5, SFKK on 5/6 and PKI on 5/7


Skyrider by Shaggy Shaggy Profile at 4/14/00 11:41:38 PM


I often wondered the same thing about Skyrider vs King Cobra. I finally got the chance to get an answer last October when Mr. Kevin Reid hosted a trip I took to PCW.

Now I rode Skyrider only once, but I am a seasoned pro on King Cobra at PKI. I can say with all of my heart that if you blindfolded me, I would not have been able to tell the difference in the two. Both have excellent airtime. Same layout same elements, same feel. Different look/surroundings. However the Skyrider station is virtually identical to PKD's Shockwave.

I agree with you that those Togo stand-ups are great. I personally prefer them to any B&M stand-up anyday. I also agree that the abbreviated PKD version leaves a bit to be desired when compared to KC and SR. Well, at least in my book.