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Need help on coaster project


4/14/00 at
12:22:51 AM

Hey everyone! I've just been assigned a project about how the public is misinformed about many subjects, and how the "little" truthful voices lose out. I immeidately decided to do this on the current coaster regulation stuff and what the media is writing about coasters safety that isn't true.

I've decided I need a little help from you guys. Can you give me some examples of misleading stats being used to make coasters seem dangerous, leaving out facts to make coasters seem dangerous, making things seem worse than they are etc. I also need the stat on how many coaster accidents are caused by the rider. If anyone could help me out I'd be very thankful.

Re: Need help on coaster project by Dustijn Hollon at 4/14/00 12:50:30 AM

Well the whole Orient Express incident was blown out of proportion. I love the part about how the people were traumatized to have to walk down the lift hill.


HEARS A GOOD LINK TO ACCIDENTS by OhioMike at 4/14/00 11:37:17 AM


Thanks much! NM by RBSean at 4/14/00 6:35:47 PM