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My PKI SOB tour pics now online

Shaggy Shaggy Profile

4/13/00 at
3:50:02 AM

Sorry it took so long. Believe me, I wish I could have posted them sooner. But finding the time has been an impossible task lately.

Please note that there are two pages of pics, so be sure and click the link at the bottom of the first page.

Also, I will add more. This is just a sampling to tide you over until I can add some of the others. Time is of the essence these days.

Enjoy and let me know what you think!


Shaggy's PKI construction page

Re: My PKI SOB tour pics now online by SOBecki at 4/13/00 8:28:21 AM

Shaggy, Thanks for sharing your pictures. They were awesome!

Re: My PKI SOB tour pics now online by RedRacer at 4/13/00 8:52:14 AM

That hit the spot!I am so ready to see this first hand!

Thanks Shaggy!

Re: My PKI SOB tour pics now online by KMAN KMAN Profile at 4/13/00 8:55:30 AM

Hey Shaggy, thanks for posting the great pictures you took of SOB!

Actually, you said that no picture could do justice to how big the first drop and loop are. You're wrong! The first picture has no reference point to show size, but the picture of you at the base of the loop and first drop really does show how massive the structure and loop are.

Thanks for keeping us posted throughout SOB's construction. The only thing left now is to wait in line and hop aboard!--K

Re: My PKI SOB tour pics now online by Flare at 4/13/00 9:14:00 AM

Excellent pictures Shaggy... Some of the best i've seen of SoB to date. I actually liked the *posterity* shot, as it was easy to see the tracking of the loop...very interesting...

Gonna post a pic of that mile long brake run?? ;-P

Can't WAIT to ride...What a monster!