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Meet at First shop right behind mens RR PKI 4:30


4/13/00 at
12:07:04 AM

Just a reminder. for 4/14 meet at the first shop to the right side of the fountain between 4 and 4:45 will send scout a.k.a. my brother to find out if Season pass walkbacks are in effect! If so we will depart no later than 4:50 for Action Zone.

Reminder, this day at the park generally starts slow because most peeps have to get home from work,school and ect before they can get to the park, Last year me and Rob got 3 rides on Face off in the first half hour and thats without a walkback.

Chuck, wearing a black Stampida hat!

Just so you can recognize me. by swOHman at 4/13/00 4:50:09 PM

I'll be the tall wide teenager with a shaved head who is woried that he has gained to much wait to fit in the lapbars this year( I gained about 30 lbs. over the winter). I will be wearing a sky blue Nike polo shirt and Khaki pants. Can't wait to meet you guys!!

swOHman a.k.a. Brian (1 day!!!! Just gotta get through 1 more boring day at school :0)