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DP 2000 (READ)......


4/12/00 at
4:49:49 PM

Hello! I drove past Dorney yesterday to see some of the construction. The supports for the Wild Mouse are mostly up. They are like a blue-green color(teal) with orange track. You could also see the monster on the lower midway. It is now yellow, purple and orange. I also saw a tower, I think it might be the base for their new extra charge attraction. The only part of Camp Snoopy you could see from the road is the old Berenstain Bear Tree House. A picture on their website showed the tree but it is now themed after Snoopy. The other pics on the website showed the Camp Bus(which looks like it is right behind Coasters restaurant), the Swing, and the train for Woodstock's Express sitting in the parking lot. The one pic of the Monster showed the lower midway and it is all torn up. It seems like they are doing some major construction this year. I think the park is going to be much nicer than it used to be. This season seems pretty exciting, in my opinion. How about you? The countdown is at 25 days! I can't wait! Check out some construction pics on their website!

Have a nice day/night!


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