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Clair Hain (GCI co-founder) article


4/12/00 at
11:24:03 AM

Todays edition of the News-Item from Shamokin, PA has an excellent, excellent article on Clair Hain who apparently grew up and still lives not too far from Knoebels and Hersheypark. As we know, he's spent most of hims time since last summer in Hershey building Lighting Racer. The article goes into his history, the beginnings of GCI and what the future holds. A must read!!$rec=124662?news

should be the direct link. if not, go to and click 'Current News' and find the article titled: Area Man 'Racing' Along.


News-Item Clair Hain article

comments and corrections by rocketmover at 4/12/00 1:58:58 PM

First, thanks for the great article. Its good to see Clair and Mike get richly-deserved praise. Now for the corrections/comments. The Shamokin News-Item is not exactly a pillar of journalistic excellence, so it doesn't suprise me that the article contains a few bloopers. The Phoenix was built in 1985, not 1984. Charlie Dinn served as consultant, not as "the company that built the ride." The Phoenix was basically moved and re-built in house. A local company named Zartman Construction served as general contractor, Dinn as consultant. As construction progressed and more carpenters were needed, small, local home remodeling contractors were added. One of these, Ross Contractors, brought Clair along. The rest of the article is accurate, although I don't think GCI was formed on Jan. 1, 1994, as Clair was still working for CCI at that point. The coaster on which Clair's fall occurred was the Hoosier Hurrican at Indiana Beach.