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Some people must be on crack... LOL


4/11/00 at
11:57:10 PM

I know that I should not take anything written in WildRumors w/ a grain of salt. but have you all read the Note on SFKK... Was that person just plain dumb or high on crack... I was there all day on Opening day and the only thing done on the wild-mouse is the concrete pad where the ride will be placed; nothing else... And the fact that the state hadn't inspected it... Coincidence since the OPS @ TS were telling the public the state hadnt inspected the Green Side and thats why it wasn't open... What a cracker!!! *LOL*

I'm hurt! =) by Dustijn Hollon at 4/12/00 12:05:33 AM

And who told you I was on crack?

That was a pretty good wild rumor though. You have to admit