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Same Medusa crew??


4/11/00 at
11:17:38 PM

Is SFGAdv using most of the same Medusa crew as last year? Those work some of the fastest rideops I have ever seen. There are some rides at certain parks where they have trouble keeping one train going, but that Medusa crew could keep 3 trains going without an idle train for two long. They checked everybody's restaints, but hurried. That was one of the best ride crews of last summer.


Re: Same Medusa crew?? by chillforce chillforce Profile at 4/12/00 12:18:43 AM

Actually, most are new ops working Medusa. Marvin, Bobby, Tammy and Adam are the only holdovers from last year. That is why they started the day with only 1 train, to let them get over the jitters and gain confidence. I also think it worked out well.