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To ACE Member

the acers

4/11/00 at
8:52:56 PM

Please bear in mind that ACE promotes safe riding practices. In view of the rider mis-judgements of the past summer, as a fellow ACE member we would appreicate if you didn't brag about silly things that you do that are against the rules.

Many times at ACE events on ride camaras are premited during ERT's, we do not wrecklessly endanger the general public by violating ride regulations. Someone reading your posts could mistakenly assume that ACE supports such self-gratification.

the acers

I'll Second That, Acer Family by AtlantaCoaster at 4/15/00 11:43:09 AM

The classic case of the few bad apples ruining the whole bunch... We take our fun seriously, and are quite sensitive to those who would jeopardize it for the sake of stupidity...

Best Regards, Bill M. / AtlantaCoaster