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If you caught a 'CP detractor' at the park.....


4/11/00 at
11:43:04 AM

....what would you do?

Would you welcome him/her as a long-lost soul now found? Would you point and laugh at them until tears rolled down your cheeks? How would you treat them?

What if they STILL couldn't stand CP after their visit? Would that upset you? Would you secretly wish you had choked them when you were face-to-face? :-)

What if they liked it?? Would you gloat or not? If yes, how long is it appropriate to gloat -- in weeks, months or years?

When responding, it might help to classify where you stand on the CP spectrum...

1) Someone who would go to war if CP told them to 2) Someone who still apologizes publicly for MS, Draggin' Iron and Disaster (not transport--just disaster) 3) Someone who's sick of hearing about CP (unless, of course it was an hour away; in which case you'd NEVER shut up)


PS to ANONYMOUS - Yes, I got your E-Mail....and I will not reveal its contents. Yet.